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Some Good Birthday Parties!

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Have you ever been dumbfounded as to what type of party you could have for your rare little prince or princess? Well I never had that problem, nor did I even have to ponder about it…. until our beautiful little prince was born a couple of years ago. My partner had the best outlook when it came to birthday parties and I consulted him on the subject matter. It had became very frightening when I had to get it done and throw my Child some good birthday parties!

The first 2 years were pretty relaxed, but his 3rd year would be a complicated one. It didn’t take me long to figure it out, when we saw our Child having the time of his life at a play cafe of a bouncy castle. The gales of laughter that permeated that space, as all the toddlers were jumping around, getting along and having a fantastic time. It brought me so much joy, just by closely watching all the kids play so nicely all together. Hiring a jumping castle was a sure thing I would be doing for our Son’s 4th birthday.

For my daughters 4th birthday, my husband and I hired a princess blow-up castle. You wouldn’t believe how cheap they are to hire out for the day. I would have to say, cheap entertainment and not only that, not one winging whippersnapper all day. It was nearly a dream! The toddlers went like hammer and tongs all day. Every single anklebiter got along; there was no bawling or winging, and best of all no dobbing. It was a really fun day. I used my parents jumbo yard, and put on brunch.

Each little one ate and ate up well because of how active they had been all day, and there were hardly any left overs. I was awestruck at their little appetites. It was certainly a day my daughter will never forget. When the party ended I didn’t even have to do much. Sydney Jumping Castles came after the party and packed up the bouncy castle and off they went. What more could a busy mom and daddy ask for. Not a great deal more, Id say!

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  • Posted On June 26, 2012
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