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Some Truth About HIV Tests

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Today, the earth is face to one of the the majority fatal virus civilization has still faced, AIDS. AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is a result of a HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus) venturing inside the body. The basic difficulty that is caused by the infection is the failure of immune system, which finally becomes deadly when the infected body catches diseases or tends to build up tumor.
However there are many indicator like speedy weight loss, periodic fever, night sweats, diarrhea, pneumonia, white marks on the tongue and mouth, etc that can be measured as the indicator of HIV, but nobody can be used for the consistent conclusion of the syndrome. Most of the times, these indicator is ignored as the indications of any other viral disease. Hence, the best way for a safe life is through a regular health check up that includes testing of AIDS and other STD. HIV test is the only way for the reliable diagnosis of the virus and AIDS.
There is no cure of the disease but definitely, there is HIV test that conform presence of virus inside the body. While people are still negligent and sometimes owing to the society pressure, they step back when it comes to conducting such tests, they are of vital importance because it is not the matter of your own lives but others too. In many nations, testing for HIV is done with others tests like those for sexually transmitted diseases or illnesss. However, there are places where persons in the medical field do not conduct HIV test because they do not find it popular in the area. This is a serious problem because a minute negligence will cost more than one life.
The tests are easy to undergo and make use of either Serum, saliva from mouth, or urine to verify the presence of virus. The tests focus on the presence on certain anti bodies, antigens or RNA’s that are developed automatically by the body as a part of defense mechanism. Major HIV tests that are performed are:
1. Antibody tests-
These tests are performed to detect the presence of certain antibodies that are formed within the window period and are cheap with extreme accuracy. There are various antibodies tests such as ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) test and Nucleic acid based test. Both these tests look for proteins, which are called anti-bodies developed to fight HIV virus. Exceptions to the tests are babies born from HIV+ mothers as they carry the antibodies from mothers for about 18 months and people with vaccination already done.
The test is performed after a period of six months in the rarest case and after twelve weeks in normal case after prospective encounter with virus by any means. This period is known as the window period. ‘Elisa’ is a trusted test, which if goes positive is followed by other tests.
2. Antigen test-
These tests look for P24 protein that is developed in a large amount at the early stage of disease, fades off at later stage, and becomes unnoticed thereafter. These tests since respond accurately for a period only are not sensitive enough to be preferred.
HIV test undoubtedly cannot lessen the pain but works as a medium to inform the future pains to come. The tests are very simple to be conducted and take a period of about two weeks to be declared. There are around 250,000 individuals suffering from AIDS and there are still more who are unaware of the suffering. You should not expect any medical limelight to help you walk the path to test, instead, take it as a responsibility for yourself and your partner to have a better future.

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