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Sound Check with your 2012 Home Theatre System

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The recording of music is all the more perfect when it is faithfully reproduce, with minimal additions possible. This is the voice of the artist or the instrument that accompanies it in their purest form, as if they were in the room with you.

At the movie theatre, on the contrary, every sound you hear is artificially reproduced. Nobody ever had the opportunity to record the crash of an airliner broke in two, nor the roar of a Tyrannosaurus. These sound effects you hear in a film are only approximations supposed to enhance the viewer’s cinematic experience; convincing sounds impress the audience and help boost sales of movies.

In fact, all the sounds contained in the soundtrack of a film are generated after the shooting. The dialogues are recorded in the studio and the music added later, as well as sound effects from a variety of audio sources, sometimes unusual. Sounds “organic” as the sound of whales for example, are used to enhance the effects of low noise in the explosion. The sound designer takes decisions relating to sounds and settings of the soundtrack. This must take into account a crucial element – the dialogue, he is forced to preserve. Indeed, the film’s director is there to ensure the clarity of dialogue and does not hesitate to punish any unusual sound effect.

This distinction is very important because it helps us better understand the operation of a home theater from loudspeakers to iPod MP3. Contrary to hi-fi systems, such as an iPod docking station, the main function of the home theater is not to reflect reality, but to recreate it. To do this, the best systems should be able to give the impression that the house is actually in the cinema.

I personally can’t wait on getting the new 3D television to blow my socks off with movies like the saw in 3D. Those visual effects in combination with super sound quality and it’s going to be like having someone come in my living room in chop my head off. While you don’t have the humongous screen like the cinema and the pop corn isn’t as good, nothing beats the coziness of the big sofa beside the fire place with a nice sound system.

Many good systems like the Denon home theatre systems really give you a good sound for the buck, one time my neighbor called pet control on me, she taught I was keeping exotic animals in the house. I did tell my son to keep the lion king low on those speakers. Good quality equipment married with a perfect configuration of your system will really make a difference when watching your favorite movies with your home theatre system. Makes sure a qualified technician handles the installation of your speakers and tunes the frequencies for your specific room.

This said, as we get older the indulgence of a good movie with a nice crisp sound is very pleasant. The bass kicking in just at the moment where that definitive peace of action is required will get your hart pumping and the adrenaline rushing in your body. Having a great 3D TV is one thing, but having that perfect sound system to get your heroic blood going is something else.

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