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Sources of Energy

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Fossil fuels are fast depleting commodities. That is why many government bodies, universities and scientists are in search of alternative sources of energy. It is necessary that we become less dependent on non renewable sources of energy. The nuclear energy was once looked up to as a replacement to the renewable source because a huge amount of energy could be produced from a small amount of uranium. But a uranium source is also limited and has got to finish in future. An alternative energy sourceis the group of energy source which is independent of natural resources. They don’t eat up fossil fuels. But these alternative energies have some advantages like they are much more cheap and less in pollution and disadvantage like it is not available always. Now let’s have a look at all the sources available:

  1. Power from Oil

Crude Oil exists naturally within Earth, it is found in underground pools stuck in rock and sands. This source is assumed to be available for another century.

  1. Power from Coal

It is a very common source of energy, found in mines. Coal mines of the past could create considerable environmental damage and once the mining was completed the landscape mined would become altered forever. Now with new technology this concept of mining would be gone very soon.

  1. Hydroelectric Power

This power is generated from movement of water. The energy from movement of water is stored in reservoirs and then used to rotate large electrical turbines which produce electricity. 90% of the renewable energy source comes from hydro electricity power generation.

  1. Power from Algae

It is actually possible to harness energy from natural cycle of photosynthesis and turn this into energy that we can use. The main problem is the amount of land required to create ‘algae farms’ is huge to have an impact. There remains an uncertain problem with refinement process and long term effects of farming it on massive scales over environment.

  1. Power from Hydrogen

This resource is available in plenty but the problem lies in refining it. The refining can still be done but the problem is refining it fiscally.

  1. Fusion Power Generation

Vast amount of energy can be harnessed by this source, however there are risks involved in the production. Fusion works by taking two particles and making them move in reverse direction and then when in peek velocity they are mode to collide. This collision supplies the energy required to harness power.

  1. Power from Natural Gases

Natural gas is a very safe and secure way of generating power but it is dangerous when we take accidents into account. It is highly flammable source, thus in a residential area or a commercial building it is dangerous too because it can blow away the whole building in a fire accident.

  1. Power from Sun

Solar energy is harnessed from the rays of the sun. The worrying factor is that it can’t give considerable power for a measureable duration because when sun disappears the power does not last long.

  1. Geothermal Energy

This source comes from Earth’s core and is abundant and the safest of all. It is already in use and always a feasible source to generate.

  1. Nuclear Power

It is a massive source which can be harnessed from a very small amount of uranium. But it is destructive in nature that means potential meltdown. If a meltdown occurs it can kill everything in a radius of 100miles.

  1. Power from Wind

This is a neat source of alternative energy and renewable also. A correct setup can produce a lot of electricity without any real hazard.

  1. Power from Bio-mass

This source comes from the remains of organic life that is agricultural crops and organic plant materials.

  1. Tidal Power

This source comes from waves in the ocean. This is a natural source and also availability is in plenty.


All this alternative sources of energy if used wisely then the fossil fuel can sparingly used and this will make cheap electricity for small business as well as for residential use.



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