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Start to ride a horse

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Horseback riding can be a really fun sport, but it can also be a difficult sport, especially if you have no experience of riding a horse. To learn how to ride, you can always enjoy a riding lesson in your area. To prepare you and give you a background of riding, here is a quick guide on how to ride a horse and what to do or not.

First, we must find a good stable. Before learning to ride a horse, you should look for a good team that has experienced instructors to help you in learning. The horse must be suitable for beginners and the team must have a good area to test and train you to ride the horse. A beginner horse should be at least 8 years of age and be calm and experienced.

Then you must know how to ride a horse. Get your horse prepared and then you can mount it. You can either use a mounting block or mount the horse by lifting one leg up. For beginners, it is a good choice to use a mounting block to start with. Have someone hold the horse in position and go on the block while you hold the reins with your left hand. Place your left foot on the stirrup. Get up on the horse and lower yourself to sit quietly in the saddle. Hold the reins in hand and place your feet on the stirrups. Then you will be ready to start.

On your first turn, your instructor will lead the horse to help give you the feel of your horse and to get steady. If you have a sense of imbalance, hold the mane to stay on the back of the horse you are on. You might feel a rocking motion, which is quite normal. You need to move with the horse as it is rocking.

When you are on the horse, keep your eyes right in front, with your back straight. Keep your feet on the stirrup with your heels down. You need to keep in mind that your heel, hip and shoulders should be aligned properly. You can use various aids to maintain control of your horse. Help may be by using natural tools like your hands, legs and saddle. You can also use tools such as spurs or whips to help you.

There are many things you can always learn in a riding lesson. Check in your area to see which teams and centers provide a good way to ride a horse for beginners.

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