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Stay away from black hat SEO companies UK

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For some of the website owner the end justifies the means. This means that they can go to any length to ensure that their website has a top ranking on search engine results. The popular term for this is black hat SEO. When you look for a search engine company in the UK you will find some of them that employ these techniques. But beware of the fact that search engines are smart enough to identify black hat SEO techniques and they ban websites using such techniques. There are enough SEO companies UK that use ethical means to enhance page ranks of their clients’ websites and you should always stick to them.

When you decide to mark your footprint in the online world to earn revenue you obviously have a long term plan in mind. The problem with black hat SEO is that it is short term in nature. A search engine company may use different techniques to ensure that your website ranks high on SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) but it is sure going to be a miracle if they can keep your website at the top. Google and other top search engines continuously look out for black hat SEO websites and it is difficult for even the most accomplished SEO companies UK to escape their scrutiny.

Think about it – when you employ a search engine company that uses black hat SEO, you are robbing other ethical websites of their fair place in SERP. You will pay a large sum to one of the SEO companies UK that use black hat SEO techniques but when your website gets banished by Google and other search engines your web presence is completely wiped out. As far as getting back the money you spent is concerned, you can forget about it. No smart black hat SEO companies UK will be stupid enough not to take this situation into consideration.

How do you identify a search engine company that uses black hat SEO? There is just one indicator you need to look out for to identify such SEO companies UK. If any SEO expert tells you that they can guarantee top ranking in Google for your website you must immediately raise a red flag in your mind. Immediately find out about this SEO expert and the chances are highly likely that you will find that they use black hat SEO.

There are some clear cut black hat SEO techniques that unethical SEO companies UK use. One of the techniques is keyword stuffing. The other technique that a search engine company may use is link farming. Page stuffing is also another popular black hat SEO technique. And then there is the redirect technique where you click a link thinking you will redirected to a particular page but end up landing in some other page.

Be aware of these black hat SEO techniques so that you don’t get duped by an unethical search engine company. Unethical SEO companies UK are there in numbers but you can avoid them when you know about black hat SEO techniques.

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