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stem cell treatment abroad – Stem cell transplants – do they really work?

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There is a extraordinary story out of the state of Idaho in the US about a young girl name Annabelle Green who was born with an extremely rare condition called “Sanfilippo Syndrome”. This condition is a metabolic disorder that prevents people from processing sugar molecules. Through funding done by her community she was able to receive a stem cell transplant. This treatment was very costly but through the help of people in the community she was able to visit Duke University in North Carolina were she received stem cell treatment.


The treatment she received was back in 2004 and it changed her life for the better. Annabelle is now 10 years old and will be attending school for the first time next month in June. Even though she has some impairment and some developmental problems, the fact that Sanfilippo has been treated has made her life much better. Many times people who suffer from this condition can end up with blindness and other permanently damaging issues. 


Although stem cell transplants and stem cells in general have been around for some time, many people and governments have been opposed to this as an ethically and morally controversial issue. Even after great results such as this one, people are still opposed for a variety of reasons. People have to turn to stemcell treatment abroad to cure or treat their conditions. The cord blood transplant that Annabelle received has improved her quality of life dramatically. 


Stem cell trials are not yet available for the most part in the United States; however, people can venture out to places like Europe, Asia or Latin America. There are competent and English-speaking also close to the United States like Mexico.  Some of the trials include heart treatment stem cell therapy Mexico, lung and other types of treatments. 


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There is a real great article on this subject on the Columbus, Indiana “The Republic” newspaper . It is highly recommendable if you’d like to learn more about this amazing story.


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