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Steps Involved in Gold Mining in Modern Society

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Many mining companies are following the following steps to extract gold from the earth surface. As technology improves more and more mining techniques are being discovered to make the work simple. The process of mining the earth and finding the metals, minerals, etc and again making the earth to return back to its original state consists of different steps. Generally, mining techniques can be broadly classified into two types, they are Surface Mining with impact crusher and Underground Mining.

In pre-historic period, when the people had found metals like copper, iron on or close to earth surface, they used to manufacture some tools and weapons.

The ancient known mine is the “Lion Cave” which is in Swaziland. Ancient people used hammers, crude picks, etc. But they found very difficult to find the metals or any other precious stones which was in too deep. So they slowly started to invent new ideas to make the work simple. Since there is no blasting method available in that period, they first used to keep fire on the hard rocks to make it soft then they used water to cool it up and so they had broken those hard rocks easily.

The slaves, prisoners of war and the people who did criminal things had forced to work on the mining areas. And the kids were used to carry the ores from the underground mining area to the outer surface. Then the people who are so weak to work underground had made to separate the rich and poor metals.

In some countries they used “Black Powder” to disclose ore veins and earth to loosen. Then as the development occurs, the people have found a plenty of techniques to find the metals, minerals and other precious stones.

Steps are as follows:

1.Geological Mapping:

This mapping is done by using the photographs of the geographical area where gold is presented. china cone crusher:
limestone rotary kiln:

2.Identification of Gold Bearing Zones:

This step is carried out by collecting the sample stones from the favorable places and it will be sent for gold mineralization. If the rocks are uncovered then some geochemical methods like tream sediment and soil sampling will be used to find the gold anomalous areas. Based upon the results of the sampling the target areas will be fixed for the further process.

3.Three Dimension Sampling:

This sampling method is carried out by using two types of drilling. They are Reverse Circulation (RC) and Diamond Core Drilling. The RC drill is easily movable and the sample rock is obtained in the form of chips but in the diamond core drilling the sample is obtained in the form of solid core.

4.Estimation of Global Resource:

Based upon the previous step result (i.e.) length, width, depth, etc. a global resource of the gold deposit is estimated.

5.Pre-feasibility exploration:

Based upon the result of global resource estimation, further process will be taken place by using “Close Spaced Diamond Core Drilling” along with the dip and sampling of ore body to improve the reliability. This also helps to predict whether the deposit is mineral or not.

6.Feasibility Exploration:

This involves additional extensive sampling on the earth surface and underground by using closed space drilling, bench cutting and bench sampling etc. to extract gold. And the “Sluice Box” will be used to filter the extract gold from placer deposits. Then the filtered particles will be sent for further process.

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