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Stop Fraud using RA7

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LVA technology is based on a proprietary set of vocal parameters found, through field & academic research, to correlate with key human emotions and in various combinations to be able to identify deceptive intentions in “real life” scenarios. These vocal parameters were identified from a large repository of audio files captured in different languages and a numerous life situations, from police interrogations, through contact centers to controlled experiments. Many of the parameters Nemesysco’s technology uses are new to the world of phonetics, and focus on the uncontrolled and, as yet, phonetically unexplained properties of the human voice.


LVA is a security-level technology designed to serve professional investigators in their line of work, by providing indications that further directs the investigation procedure to the relevant path. LVA analyses can be performed in real-time (using a microphone or on a telephone conversation) as well as off-line on previously recorded material. RA7 system is using the LVA technology in a highly controlled manner using scripted conversations, which enables the system to “understand” what emotional reactions are expected in each part of the call (as well as which emotional reactions are not).


Layered voice analysis system is extensively used in the RA7 which Risk Assessment tool.RA7 is designed to streamline and expedite any risk analysis process providing RA7 interfaces and tools for your contact center agents, underwriters, claims adjusters, investigators and managers.


The contact center level tools will guide the through proper interview scripts’ designed to cross check and validate different relevant topics. Once the call has ended, the full analysis is automatically is automatically performed on the recorded call and the risk report is generated. The Claims ManagerUnder writer screen will easily point to the irregular cases, highlighting topics that are worthy of the further investigation. Any case not identified as irregular can be forwarded to the fast track process. Medium Risk cases, in which most likely the base story is true but some of the details are inaccurate, can often be settled with a follow up call over the phone.


If case is determined to be high risk it will undergo a third review by professionals investigators  in the RA7 system Investigators’ interface displays precise analysis for each voice segment identifying, identifying the exact  to be clarified. In most cases, a direct phone call for clarification or a short field visit can reveal relevant information that will determine the actual case status and the fraud level it contains Amir libermanis the inventor of LVA technology, Amir liberman also the founder of Nemesysco.









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