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Storing your Decorations

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We all decorate our homes and offices beautifully with colorful lights and fragile ornaments like ceramic or porcelain pieces when the winter festive season begins. Our home looks beautiful throughout the holiday season, on Halloween. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. WE receive a lot of presents from our near and dear ones. You all would agree that unwrapping gifts is so much fun but getting rid of the clutter that unwrapping creates is boring and tiresome. Same is the case with holiday decorations; putting away and storing them is nowhere near as fun putting them up for decorating your home.

Storing these holiday decorations after the holiday season ends is not a very interesting thing to do, but packing them in a disorganized and scattered way will make things more difficult for you next year. Usually all of us try to re-use decorations used in the previous festive season to save money. Usually people store these decoration sin the attic or basement. Some of them use their storage sheds outside to store Christmas and New Year decorations.

Unpacking these boxes is interesting, but packing and storing these ornamentations can be a tiresome job. Here are a few tips on how to store holiday decorations until next year:

Discard what is broken
Decorations that are broken or can not be re-used next year must be discarded. There is no use of saving them for next year. Throw the decorations that are beyond repair, but keep the ones which you can get fixed. Do not postpone their repair until next year. Keep the important decorations only and give away the ones for which you don’t have place to display, or you don’t like. Do the packing when the children are away,

Arrange small and big crated boxes
Boxes which are segregated into small units are the best to store holiday decorations. Pack the most fragile in tissue paper or cotton and place them in a crated box separately. While closing the box, make sure that there are no empty spaces within to keep them in perfect condition. Do mark these boxes fragile so that if any other family member opens the box, he or she can notice the mark and handle the box accordingly.

Group like pieces or decorations together
Plastic crates are perfect for storing these holiday decorations. You can always mark them colorful. Suppose you are storing the decorations that you use to adorn Christmas tree. You must store anything related to it in one box, so that you or anybody else does not face any hassle in the next holiday season.

You can always rent a self storage in london nearby, if you do not have enough space in your backyard, garage, basement or attic. The climatically controlled units would keep the decorations new for re-use in the next festive season.

About The Author:- David Anderson  is a writer primarily focusing on storage and self storage related topics. He loves his family and has a big friend circle. His articles have been published in some daily magazines, which are applauded by Londoners. He likes to view discovery channels and is in love with mother nature. He always emphasizes on storage London


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