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God Bless America is new comedy movie. Movie is directed and written by Bobcat Goldthwait, and stars Joel Murray, Tara Lynne Barr and Mackenzie Brooke Smith.
Movie Review (Synopsis):

Frank (Joel Murray), who is told he has a terminal brain tumor and finds himself slowly worn down by reality television, mean and inconsiderate people and a manipulative media.

One night, he decides to track down and kill teenage reality television star Chloe. While there, he finds an unlikely admirer in 16-year-old Roxy (Tara Lynne Barr) and the two embark on a trip to kill the worst members of society — from television stars to rude moviegoers. Watch online God Bless America movie in Full HD/DVD/ipod/divX, All Qualitys are Here

From its first scene, “God Bless America” makes it clear it will take nothing sacred, as Frank imagines bloodily dispatching a baby. It’s also in these early moments that the film’s satire is the shakiest, hitting the same few easy targets and including a forced, unnatural monologue by Frank that seems to be a mere stand-in for the opinions of Goldthwait, who also wrote the screenplay.

After being diagnosed with a brain tumor, Frank (Joel Murray) is about to commit suicide while watching TV. However, as he watches a reality TV show in which a spoiled teenager named Chloe (Maddie Hasson) throws a tantrum over receiving the “wrong car” for a birthday present (a Lexus IS sedan rather than a Cadillac Escalade), he decides to instead go on a killing spree and rid the world of rude and annoying people, particularly reality TV stars. In Frank’s mind, he only wants to kill people that deserve to die.

While stalking Chloe in preparation to kill her, Frank is spotted and questioned by a teenage girl named Roxy (Tara Lynne Barr). Roxy witnesses Frank killing Chloe, and decides to join him after becoming fascinated with his mission who also shares his sense of rage and disenfranchisement.Frank and Roxy target such people as rude people in movie theaters, a group similar to the Westboro Baptist Church, a person who takes up two parking spaces, a man who is angry on a TV show, the parents of a girl who is rich and not very nice.

Unable to connect with an oblivious ex-wife and his spoiled rotten 7-year old daughter, and saddled with the news that his migraine headache affliction may, in fact, be a massive brain tumor, Frank sets out to do something noble — shoot a reality TV princess. That’s where he meets Roxie, an onlooker to the murder of a girl who represents all the seething awful that bad upper middle class parenting can create. A troubled young girl who would become the Bonnie to his Clyde, an inspiration for a killing spree that spans all levels of America’s rotten culture. From religious nutjobs to the devotees of an American Idol-esque competition show, no one will escape the wrath of a desperate man and his frighteningly over-zealous sidekick.

In press throughout this film’s tour from its premiere at Toronto last year to this re-cut premiere at SXSW, Goldthwait has at times referenced Peter Finch’s speech at the end of Network as an inspiration. With God Bless America, he’s created the feature-length manifestation of Finch’s rant. Agree or disagree with the message — which, again, is simply that the world needs kindness — it’s a magnetic film that provides 100 minutes of subversive, blood soaked fun. It’s the film that so many other directors have tried to make, but failed because they allowed the politics to get in the way. Brilliantly executed on all levels, Goldthwait proves himself to be in complete control. He has put together his most technically sound, energetic effort to date. From the way it’s shot to the way it’s scored by newcomer Matt Kollar, God Bless America far outperforms its very modest budget. Not bad for a filmmaker who seems content to make fantastic “little” movies with big, dark ideas. Those ideas prove most important, as Goldthwait continues to be a filmmaker in control of his message. He’s mad as hell, and he’s going to show you what fucking crazy really looks like.

Movie is about as far as it goes. Perhaps as much from budgetary limitations as things to say beyond ‘most people suck.’ There are a couple pithy montages along the way, some Alice Cooper tunes (and a convincing treatise on the influence of his stage showmanship) and a gun dealer who has watched Jackie Brown perhaps a few too many times, but ultimately, God Bless America gets its message out there in the first act, and the rest, which is admittedly quite funny, is more or less spinning its wheels to the inevitable. Watch online God Bless America movie in Full HD/DVD/ipod/divX, All Qualitys are Here

Characters are playing roles:

Joel Murray is playing as Frank
Tara Lynne Barr is playing as Roxy
Mackenzie Brooke Smith is playing as Ava
Melinda Page Hamilton is playing as Alison
Rich McDonald is playing as Brad
Guerrin Gardner is playing as Tapon-Throwing Tuff Gurl
Kellie Ramdhanie is playing as Melissa Tuff Gurl
Andrea Harper is playing as Roxy’s Mother
David Mendenhall is playing as Roxy’s Father

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