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Oslo, August 31st is new drametical movie. It is directed by Joachim Trier. IT is premiered in Cannes Un Certain Regard last year, is proving an unexpected art-house hit in France, where it was released last week. Watch online Oslo August 31st movie in Full HD/DVD/ipod/divX, All Qualitys are Here Its screen average of 797 entries per copy was the second highest for the period after Oscar-winning Jean Dujardin and Gilles Lellouche’s exploration of male infidelity The Players. Oslo’s screen average for Paris was 2,150 entries.French distributor Memento Films Distribution is expanding Oslo’s release by another 15 copies for its second week in theatres, beginning today (March 7) – from seven to 11 screens in Paris and 31 to 42 in the provinces for a total of 53 copies. Movie Review (Synopsis): Anders is a recovering drug addict in an Oslo rehab clinic. On the 30th August, he is given a day’s leave to attend a job interview in the city centre. After visiting his friend Thomas, he proceeds to his appointment. In the interview, he admits to being a drug addict and storms out. He then wanders the streets of Oslo for the rest of the day and night, meeting, and sometimes confronting, people from his past. Oslo focuses on 24 eventful hours in the life of heroin addict Anders (Anders Danielsen Lie) who has recently found sobriety – and with it a crushing depression that is propelling him quickly towards ending his life. But before he can let go, Anders needs to go on a journey through the relationships of his past – either as a way to make amends or as a cry for help. What sounds like a dark depressing story is actually a beautifully melancholic exploration of what it takes to be a living person. The smallest moments in Anders’s day assume incredible significance – a conversation overheard in a coffee shop, a beautiful woman walking by a window. Through Anders’s lens we long for meaning; an answer to unanswerable question of what makes life worth the pain. Anders is sick but lucidly sane. This irony serves as the film’s emotional backbone, deeply connecting us to Anders’s psyche at the same time it keeps us at a distance. In one conversation, Anders and his friend Thomas (Hans Olav Brenner) discuss the liberal musings of their past. Why is it that Thomas used to preach that people should be allowed to decide to end their lives as they see fit in the abstract, yet when Anders makes the very decision, it is suddenly an unacceptable premise to Thomas? As an audience we are confronted with these questions in a way that creates a simultaneous respect and pity – a reluctant empathy for Anders of such abundance to leave us stunned. Mr. Trier fills in his portrait both bluntly and obliquely, and with a minimum of narrative noise. There are several brutal conversations but mostly there is the revelation of Anders’s phenomenological reality: the heavy silences that surround him like a penumbra; the wary glances of friends and uninterested ones of strangers; the overhead chattering of other people (in a cafe, he tunes in to conversations as if changing radio stations); and moments of ordinary beauty, as when a butterfly flutters onto him, briefly returning him to the world. Detail by detail, and through Mr. Trier’s expressive framing and fluctuating depth of field — at moments, Anders looks in focus and his surroundings are blurred, and then the reverse — you come closer to a man who at the same time is slipping away. Another high point is Mads Matthiesen’s low-wattage, unexpected Danish charmer “Teddy Bear,” which forgivably commits the often unpardonable sin of sentimentality. The bodybuilder Kim Kold stars as Dennis, a 38-year-old professional muscleman who, living alone with his tiny, domineering mother, seems fated for singlehood. When his uncle marries a Thai woman, Dennis travels to Thailand, where he experiences a pleasurably different kind of adventure than might be expected from the standard clichés about white men and sex tourism. The delicacy of Dennis’s emotions make a startling contrast with his astonishing, mountainous body, as does the disparity between his oppressive surroundings and his quiet, stubborn insistence on finding a way to transcend that world through his body and then his heart. Thirty-four-year-old Anders (Anders Danielsen Lie) is a fortunate, but deeply troubled man battling drug addiction. As part of his rehabilitation program, he is allowed to go into the city for a job interview, but instead uses the opportunity as a way to drift around and revisit old friends. The day grows increasingly difficult as he struggles to overcome personal demons and past ghosts for the chance at love and a new life. One scene has us listen to a woman in a coffee shop read a massive list of life goals. She wants to see her dreams realized, whereas Anders just wants to make it. With a flawless performance and bold directing and writing, Oslo is a little gem of a film. Character is playing roles as : Anders Danielsen Lie is playing as Anders Hans Olav Brenneris playing as Thomas Ingrid Olava is playing as Rebecca Anders Borchgrevink is playing as Øystein Andreas Braaten is playing as Karsten Malin Crépin is playing as Malin Petter Width Kristiansen is playing as Petter Emil Lund is playing as Calle Tone Beate Mostraum is playing as Tove Renate Reinsve is playing as Renate Øystein Røger is playing as David Kjærsti Odden Skjeldal is playing as Mirjam Download Oslo August 31st 2012 movie online, watch Oslo August 31st 2012 free movie, download movie Oslo August 31st 2012, free film Oslo August 31st 2012, Watch Oslo August 31st 2012 online movie, Watch latest movie Oslo August 31st 2012, download Oslo August 31st 2012 movie, free online Oslo August 31st 2012 movie to download, Oslo August 31st 2012 film download, Oslo August 31st 2012 movie download, free movie Oslo August 31st 2012, watch film Oslo August 31st 2012, watch Oslo August 31st 2012 movie online, stream download Oslo August 31st 2012, free online Oslo August 31st 2012 movie full length, free full length Oslo August 31st 2012 movie online, watch tv, tv shows, tv series, Download Oslo August 31st movie, Watch Oslo August 31st movie Free, Oslo August 31st movie download, Download Oslo August 31st, Stream download Oslo August 31st, Free online Oslo August 31st movie full length, Free full length Oslo August 31st movie online, Free movie download Oslo August 31st 2012


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