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Stream download The Well Diggers Daughter full length movie online

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“The Well Diggers Daughter” is new drametical and romantic movie. IT is directed by Daniel Auteuil. It is written by Daniel Auteuil, Marcel Pagnol.Watch online The Well Diggers Daughter movie in Full HD/DVD/ipod/divX All Qualities are Here

Movie is based on the novel Marcel Pagnol.
Movie Review (Synopsis):

In the weeks before World War I erupts, a romance springs up in rural France between a well-digger’s daughter and the feckless son of the upwardly mobile Mazels, who own the local grocery. The 18-year-old daughter, Patricia Amoretti (Astrid Berges-Frisbey), has become caregiver to her sisters after her mother died. She’s the perfect child, smart, obedient, prettily chaste in her peasant dresses. But rather than settle for Felipe (Kad Merad), the pal of her dignified, humble, strict-ish father, Pascal (Daniel Auteuil, also making his directorial debut), Patricia can’t shake the suave cad, Jacques (Nicolas Duvauchelle). War arrives, and both Felipe and Jacques head off to fight.

A bitter class war erupts between two families after the daughter of a humble well-digger get impregnated by the scion of a wealthy shopkeeper. Ageing widower Pascale worked hard to provide for his six daughters. As the first shots of World War I are fired, Pascale’s eldest daughter Patricia (Astrid Bergés-Frisbey) returns home from Paris to help raise her younger siblings. Meanwhile, Pascale longs to see Patricia marry his longtime assistant Pascale (Kad Merad) – a hard worker who would make a loving husband. But shortly after arriving back home, Patricia has a fling with Jacques Mazel (Nicolas Duvauchelle), a fighter pilot who hails from a wealthy family, and disappears to the front lines after getting Patricia pregnant. At first, the Mazel’s are furious, accusing the impoverished Amoretti’s of using the situation to stake a claim on their fortune. When Jacques goes missing in action, however, the Mazel’s quickly realize that Patricia’s unborn child may be their only link to the son who sacr ificed his life fighting for their country.

It’s a bucolic tale, set around the second world war, which must surely remind his fans of the movies that made his name in the UK: the 1986 dramas Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources. Auteuil plays Pascal, a digger and cleaner of wells: he is a greying widower and the father of a number of daughters. The most beautiful of these is the 18-year-old Patricia (Astrid Bergès-Frisbey) who is being courted by Pascal’s heartbreakingly humble, middle-aged mate Félipe (Kad Merad). But she, like Hardy’s Tess, is to be romanced and ruined by a handsome, unreliable young man from wealthier stock. This is Jacques (Nicolas Duvauchelle), whose parents, played unimprovably by Jean-Pierre Darroussin and Sabine Azéma, are the upwardly mobile bourgeois owners of the local store. You will need a slightly sweet tooth for this movie, as the ending is a little saccharine – but it is well made and well acted throughout. Auteuil’s own performance, taking Pascal from fatherly indulgence to dignity in the face of adversity, and then to cold anger, is very well managed, as are the interactions of Patricia and Jacques. Darroussin gives an excellent performance, agonised as his wastrel son leaves for the front.

Set in pre-WWII France, The Well-Digger’s Daughter tells the moving story of Pascal Amoretti (Daniel Auteuil), a hardscrabble well digger who is forced to come to terms with his 18-year-old daughter’s early pregnancy. “Imbued with the bucolic charm and the conspicuous lack of villains that is typical of Pagnol’s work,” (Variety) the film begins with Patricia Amoretti’s (Astrid Berges-Frisbey) first romantic encounters with 26-year-old fighter pilot Jacques Mazel (Nicolas Duvauchelle); Mr. Auteuil and cinematographer Jean-François Robin depict their intense romance with both beauty and sensibility.

“Daniel Auteuil’s outstanding career has reached a new height with this incredibly perceptive and humanist directorial debut,” says Kino Lorber CEO Richard Lorber. “The Well-Digger’s Daughter combines our company’s love for Pagnol’s oeuvre with our profound admiration of Mr. Auteuil’s career, so we’re incredibly lucky to be releasing this film in the United States. I’m certain that American audiences will be deeply moved by this universal story of love, loss and family unity.”

It’s based on a novel by Marcel Pagnol, who wrote Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources, so warm sunshine endlessly bathes rippling fields and rows of olives, and the manoeuvring that gets Patricia away from Felipe and with Jacques during an airshow is delightful. Merad is more often a comic actor, and lends a lightness to the outclassed but ever-hopeful Felipe, who Patricia’s younger, plainer sister is, of course, silently sweet on. Auteuil takes Pascal seamlessly through a father’s voyage through pride, shame, anger and back, while Sabine Azema and Jean-Pierre Darroussin are perfect as Jacques’ vain, overprotective mother and long-suffering father.

It’s a handsome period piece, which is much more than it seems and stands out from others of its ilk because of its minute eye for detail and the emotional richness of its relationships. In scene after scene, the terrific cast deals with dialogue that is by turns funny and profound, creating characters who are densely and authentically human.

Auteuil himself plays Pascal, whose occupation as a digger and cleaner of rural wells links to the water motif that drove the Jean de Florette stories. He’s a widower who delights in his quintet of daughters, the eldest of whom, Patricia (Berges-Frisbey), has caught the eye of Pascal’s labourer, Felipe (Merad). She in turn is swept off her feet by Jacques (Duvauchelle), the dashing pilot son of a bourgeois merchant family.

The story that unfolds, which mixes elements of melodrama and ethnography, replays the eternal story of love across class barriers but there is something more elemental at play here too: it’s a folk tale about honour and pride and the damage that words spoken and feelings left unsaid can do.

After trying to contain herself for some time, Patricia gives in to Jacques’ advances, and gets pregnant just as Jacques, who’s an accomplished pilot, is sent off to fight in World War I. When she tells her father the news, he confronts the Mazels, but the bourgeois couple has no desire to mix their genes with those of a widowed country bumpkin. The proud and stubborn Amoretti takes it badly, banishing his daughter and her “bastard” child, and it’s only through the love for Patricia of his simple-minded assistant, Felipe (Kad Merad), that Amoretti may experience a change of heart.

A rich mix of characters and a timeless story make this film hugely entertaining as well, with strong waves of emotion and brittle humour and moments in which we hold our breath wondering which way things might go. This is a film about people trying to navigate a tricky situation with honour and honesty, and the point where fundamentally decent people clash on principles that they have no control over. It also reminds us that sometimes the route to doing the right thing is extremely difficult to navigate.

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Characters are playing roles as:

Daniel Auteuil is playing as Pascal Amoretti
Kad Merad is playing as Félipe Rambert
Sabine Azéma is playing as Mme Mazel
Jean-Pierre Darroussin is playing as M. Mazel
Nicolas Duvauchelle is playing as Jacques Mazel
Astrid Bergès-Frisbey is playing as Patricia Amoretti
Emilie Cazenave is playing as Amanda
Marie-Anne Chazel is playing as Nathalie
Coline Bosso is playing as Isabelle
Chloé Malarde is playing as Marie
Brune Coustellier is playing as Léonore
Ilona Porte is playing as Roberte
Jean-Louis Barcelona is playing as Le commis
Patrick Bosso is playing as Le garçon
François-Eric Gendron is playing as Le capitaine


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