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Stunning Agate Druzy Beads Jewelry is the Perfect Birthday Gift for Your Girlfriend

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In Nature, there are a large numbers of crystals and minerals in various shapes, sizes, colors, and quality. Forming naturally in nature are crystals, usually with six sides, each having its own unique form. Crystal quartz or rock quartz is a clear variety of mineral found abundantly on Earth. These crystals along with many others are now used in different type of jewelry and have a huge following worldwide.

Nature’s Bounty as Jewelry Items

Nature has provided a vast choice of materials available for making beads, necklaces, bracelets, etc however, gemstones beads have always been the jewelers’ favorite. One of the popular natural gemstone is called Druzy quartz; this is also known as Drusy or Druse. It consists of a thin layer of quartz crystals covering the surface of a stone acting as a host. This quartz usually takes the color of the host stone on which it forms. Another type of stone is called agate, which is considered one of the oldest stones used for jewelry. Agate is created by quartz crystals making concentric rings, giving agate beads some very beautiful colorful striations. Jewelry made from agate Druzy dyed beads can have their surfaces etched give a soft frosted appearance, making it very popular as a gift item.

Ancient African Jewelry in Vogue Now

A very popular piece of jewelry is beautiful African wedding beads which have been used by the African people for centuries. In African culture these beads are also called African Trade Beads, which signify fertility and prosperity. These glass beads jewelry have become quite popular among customers and encompass beads from all parts of Africa like Nigerian Brass Beads along with tribal wooden beads, and others. Another popular crystal used by many people in jewelry is Chyroprase nuggets which are naturally mint green and brown veins running through them. These are found as rough nuggets in nature and can be turned into smaller beads or kept as chunky nuggets in jewelry.

Healing Crystals are all the Rage

In nature, iron pyrites are metallic crystals that grow as cubes, masses of tiny crystals, nodules, and flat discs. Pyrite beads have been used as jewelry since ancient times, mainly during the Incas, Romans, and Greek civilizations. Even in the present day, they are popular in fashion jewelry and by people who believe that iron pyrite beads have proprieties which can increase physical stamina and stimulate the intellect.

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