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Style before everything

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Some people say that style is everything. You can most likely get the best of this idea when you are looking at people in the early spring wearing nothing but slim tops and skirts or shorts when its still freezing cold. Style is everything they say.

Well enough with clothing. Style is everything in the auto industry as well. When choosing a car most people don’t think about the safety or the consumption first but they see the car and they fall in love with the style. This is ok as long as the other factors come in play later. Car should be stylish and it should have low consumption but moreover it should be safe.


The only part that it actually touching the ground when driving are the tires. This alone should make everyone put some real effort in choosing a good tire for the car. Unfortunately not always does it work that way. People often think tires as a separate item that needs to be changed by season or when they are worn out.

You can affect your safety and style so much when choosing tires with professionals. If you visit your local Vianor you can find so many stylish tire (in Finnish:
tyylikäs rengas) sets that will not only make your car look better but also makes smaller fuel consumption, safer driving and less noise.

Style is everything but when you find the perfect tire from professionals you get the whole package. And I agree, stylish tire makes the whole car look better.


Shopping for tires is actually as simple as shopping for clothes. You want quality clothes with a good brand and something that is safe to wear. You know the shop that you get these clothes and you usually shop in the same place because you know you get quality products. With tires you want the same thing. Quality tires that not only look good but they also last long and are roadworthy. This is the reason why I go to Vianor time after time because I have found the perfect shop where I know I get all this.



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  • Posted On June 28, 2012
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