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Suggestion on Shooting a Movie

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Shooting a Movie
Apple provides the following information on shooting a movie like a pro.
1. Keep the camcorder steady.
Not holding the camera steady can result in a movie that is difficult to watch. Holding the camera with two hands can help keep it steady. If possible, use a tripod to ensure that the camera has minimal movement.
2. Make sure you shoot with adequate light on your subjects.
Your subject should be brighter than the background for optimal recording conditions. If you are inside, turn on all the lights. If outdoors during the day, you should have sufficient light for recording.
3. Frame your subject properly before you hit the record button.
Make sure your subject or the action you are shooting fills the frame to help eliminate interference from unwanted background movement.
4. Do not zoom in and out.
Continually zooming in and out can wear out your audience. Hold your subject for at least 10 seconds before you change views, zoom, or switch to another subject or view. If you must zoom while the camera is rolling, do it very slowly and smoothly.
5. Control the length of the scenes.
Each scene in a movie should be long enough to show the action, but short enough to keep the audience’s attention. If scenes run on too long, viewers may lose interest. If a scene goes by too quickly, viewers may miss the point.
6. Use transitions in your movie.
Placing appropriate transitions between scenes can help a movie flow more smoothly.
Follow these steps when shooting your movie, and you should be able to create the perfect tape for editing with iMovie!

Transfering or Moving Video from the Camcorder into iMovie
If you have a digital video camera with a firewire connector, you can import your movie directly to the iMovie because the firewire allows you to control the camcorder using the iMovie controls.
1. Turn off your camcorder.
2. Plug the six pin connector on the firewire into your computer.
3. Plug the four pin connector on the firewire into your camcorder.
4. Turn on your camcorder.
5. Open iMovie and the a screen similar to the image below will be displayed.
6. Set the lower left control to “DV” and click on the play button. Your movie will played in iMovie.

For any import or export problem, please take a look at “import m4v into imovie” “import mpg to imovie” and “export imovie to dvd” to create your masterpiece!


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