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Suggestions to Locate Long Island Plastic Surgery Centers Providing Laser Hair Removal

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There are many ways to eliminate unwanted hair from your body. The most typical approaches are shaving, plucking, and waxing. Should you prefer a pain-free removal method that has few negative effects, though, laser hair removal in Long Island may be your ideal option.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

This process of hair removal involves burning hair follicles using a laser. A lot of people hesitate to have this treatment done because they’re afraid of the harm the laser may do to their skin. The truth is, these lasers will not damage your skin, as it is specifically created to target just your hair follicles.

By burning your follicles, laser hair removal slows their capability to produce hair. Laser hair removal doesn’t guarantee the total elimination of body hair, however it could permanently decrease the amount of hair growing on your body by up to 80% with regular trips to the health spa.

Just what are the Primary advantages of Laser Hair Removal in Long Island?

Laser procedures have many advantages over common hair removal techniques. These include:

- Little to no skin damage – Electric shavers and hair removal creams could result in allergies or cause swelling. Making use of razors are also associated with the darkening of armpit skin due to the damage the blades cause. Lasers used for hair removal procedures may cause irritation or redness, but this only lasts about 3-5 days.
- Less discomfort – Techniques like waxing and sugaring are generally painful. Laser treatments, though, cause minor discomfort. A few people compare it to the feeling of a rubberband snapping against your skin, or an ant bite.
- Long lasting results – If you shave, wax, or make use of hair removal creams, you might need to perform treatments almost daily or perhaps once weekly. People who undergo laser hair removal usually do not need to go to the spa or clinic as often. A few don’t see any hair regrowth for several weeks or months. Most people only need 5-7 sessions to achieve the results they want.

What are the Unwanted Side Effects of Laser Procedures?

As mentioned, the common side effects of laser treatments are minor irritation and swelling. These only go on for a couple of days, or even less if the clinic you went to supplies ointments to help you heal.

Severe side effects (including skin texture alterations, discoloration, or scarring) are not common. These side effects generally happen only when the spa or health care clinic employees are reckless, or if you don’t allow your follicles adequate time to “rest” in between sessions. Ideally, your sessions must be three to 8 weeks away from each other, depending on specific area.

Finding Excellent Laser Procedures

Looking for a cosmetic and plastic surgery clinic or a spa offering laser hair treatment is easy if you research. Search for customer reviews to ascertain how well the staff handles laser hair removals, and how successful the treatment options are. Although many clinics and spas guarantee their processes are safe, exercise caution when making your choice.


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