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The Hot Red dazzling Sun radiates a lot heat and keeps the day brighter with so much of light out there. Sometimes it becomes really hard to go out in the sun with naked eyes! Human eyes are generally capable of withstanding to a certain amount of brightness of light. Some of them are really sensitive to light and it causes them real trouble. They need to protect their eye with something that protect themselves from the ultra-violet rays coming from the sun, reduces the brightness of the light and keeps their eyes cool and free from fatigue. Sunglasses come in handy to solve this problem.
     An ideal sunglass is an instrument that protects the human eye from direct exposure to bright light and ultra violet rays, thereby reducing the effects of eye irritation, watery eyes, blurred vision and headaches. Direct exposure to ultra violet rays cause great harm to the retina and cornea of our eyes. It may prove to dangerous and may result in the loss of vision also.
    For people with light vision syndrome it is a must for them to carry sunglasses whenever they go outdoors in the daylight. The quality of the sunglass depends on the type of glass used by the manufacturers. There are also cheap sunglasses out there in the market which are just the replica of the expensive eye gears. It’s really hard to find the difference between the cheap and the expensive ones. But the cheap ones for sure does not protect your eyes completely from the ultra violet rays as a low grade glass is used to make them.
    There are various grades of people who need sunglasses for various purposes. People who travel to a lot of places, people who play outdoor sports, people who do a lot of adventurous trips and mountain trekking, etc., Variety of sunglasses are available in the market with different lenses.
    There are various types of lenses used in the sunglasses.
Polarized lenses: These lenses are particularly designed to reduce glare and improve visual clarity. They are mostly used during outdoor activities to reduce the intensity of the sunrays.
Blue blocking lenses: These lenses are designed to increase the visibility of the distant objects during low light.
Mirror coated lenses: These lenses are designed to block visible light but are not effective with the UV rays.
Photometric lenses: These are similar to the polarized lenses which reduce the glare, but take some time to adjust to the environment.
Polycarbonate lenses: They are specially designed to specially protect the eyes from external injuries and UV rays.
    Select the suitable lenses and eye gear for your need and make sure to carry them with your travel kit.
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