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Sunglasses for sun glasses are a form of protective eyewear designed

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Use OfSunglasses

Sunglasses may seem like an unwanted item for some and a frivolous extra for others to escape the paparazzi but the reality is that it becomes an imperative part of everyday life. A good pair of sunglasses protectswearer’s eyes from harmful ultraviolet sunrays and help in preventing cataract. There are various other medical reasons of wearing sunglasses, depending on the medical condition. It provides an extra barrier between your eyes and the harsh weather conditions, which can include; floating particles, storm, etc. An anti-reflective coating on sunglasses can even help in improving night vision and thus cuts down on glare and halos from traffic.Check out the following list to know more about medical benefits of wearing certain types of sunglasses.
Ultraviolet protection

Todaymany sunglasses come with Ultraviolet (UV) protection to shield the wearer’s eyes from harmful UV sun rays, which can provoke cataracts, cornea damage and can cause many other harmful effects to the eye. You can easily find many such sunglasses brands in the market, offering cent per cent protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Reduce headaches and eyestrain

Scorching sunlight can damage the cornea and cause migraine, tension & other types of headaches. But by wearing sunglasses under bright conditions, it is possible to reduce headaches and in some cases, it can even be prevented.

Keep your eyes moist

By blocking the sun’s intensive light and heat, sunglasses can keep the eyes wet by decreasing the evaporation of tears. Human eyes need moisture to focus and perform correctly, so by wearing proper sunglasses, you can actually improve vision under intense sunlight.

Medication-induced photosensitivity

Medication-induced photosensitivity can be defined as an abnormal sensitiveness to natural or unnatural light due to the side effect of a prescribed medication. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs can beheld responsible to such photosensitivity. When such situationoccurs, normal light conditions become overbearing and can induce headaches, pain& other symptoms in a person. By wearing sunglasses, one can immediately reduce the side effects of medication-induced photosensitivity by subduing the light that enters the human eye.

Reducingjet lag effect

Jet lag is the disruption in human’s biological rhythms due to air travel through different time zones. Many people relate it to psychology but it is connected to human biology. Sunglasses play a crucial role in preventing jet lag by tricking the body in believing that it has not passed through different time zones. This works wonder by reducing the sunlight that enters the eye and blurring the body’s awareness of time zone change.

Use at work place

Since many industrial and medical trades utilize such equipments that emit strong UVA and UVB rays, it becomes important for workers in these environments to wear sunglasses due to safety reasons. Welding torches emit UV rays, as do laser surgery tools used in medical sector. Surgeons and dentists commonly use laser safety glasses during laser surgery. These glasses and goggles are individually made to block particular rays that are specific to the trade.

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