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The ACT is keeping a close eye on a move by Tasmania to legalise same-sex marriage, flagging similar new laws.

Tasmania could have Australia’s first state-based gender-neutral marriage act by the end of the year following a decision by the ALP’s state conference on the weekend.


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The ACT Legislative Assembly is preparing to debate draft laws to allow same-sex couples to hold civil unions, presided over by civil celebrants, and to have their union recognised equally before the law.

ACT Attorney-General Simon Corbell says the territory government is watching closely what happens in Tasmania and could go one better itself by introducing a gay marriage act.

‘We certainly don’t rule out going down that path at some point,’ he told the ABC Radio on Monday.

‘It is certainly within the constitutional power of the territory to legislate in that respect.’

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Any Tasmanian law could only be overturned by the High Court.

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