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Supplements for lowering cholesterol

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Cholesterol lowering supplements provide concentrated plant extracts / oils that when taken in the precise quantity help control cholesterol levels. When taken at adequate levels, a few plant extracts can effective like prescription drugs. But, cholesterol lowering supplements are nutritional supplements. You cannot treat them as medication nor must they be used to swap drugs.

What exactly is lowering high cholesterol?

Well, there are two distinct types cholesterol: LDL and HDL). LDL or the “bad” cholesterol tends to carry cholesterol from liver into the body & HDL or “good” cholesterol takes excess cholesterol from body for elimination back to the liver. ‘Lowering high cholesterol’ generally means lowering the LDL levels & raising the HDL levels at the same time bringing down the total cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol lowering supplements can be classified into three groups:

Extracts of Specific Plants

Health food stores, supermarkets and specialist retailers sell lots of ‘heart healthy’ supplements that contain extracts of specific plants. Of course, it is crucial to get enough information regarding these extracts as not all of them would have the desired outcome on cholesterol. A few extracts like fish oils lower triglycerides. Health effects of ginseng and garlic supplements are undoubted but their capability to reduce high cholesterol levels hasn’t been conclusively established.

One specific supplement, the red yeast rice, has been extensively studies and suggested because it contains naturally occurring lovastatin – a kind of statin that is also present in prescription drugs.

Foods ‘Designed’ To reduce cholesterol

Foods that are designed to reduce cholesterol are not supplements. They seem to be foods enriched with stanols and sterols and include juices, spreads, and yoghurt products. Consumption of these is highly recommended by several organizations for those that need to reduce their cholesterol levels. However, there isn’t any evidence that others can benefit from such foods.


Final group of supplements like Hypercet and Premia comprise of compounds of nutrients which are designed to increase their effectiveness to reduce high cholesterol levels. Prior to buying these compounds, ensure they have been tested clinically.

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