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Switch Over From Smoke To Vapor For Enjoying Healthy Puff

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Depressed over doctor’s strict order for quitting cigarette since you cannot think of life without inhaling smoke? How about modifying the way of smoking and replacing tobacco smoke with vapor? How about quitting tobacco-filled traditional cigarette and switching over to electronic cigarette or vapor cigarette. E cigarette or vapor cigarette has already proved the best alternative to traditional cigarette since, it does not contain tobacco that damages lungs. E cigarette or vapor cigarette contains an e liquid which is a mixture of liquid nicotine, glycogen and water which emits an odor free and tar free vapor that gives you the same charm that you get while smoking a real tobacco-filled cigarette but you stay absolutely safe from all kinds of health risks. Hence you can continue with your habit of smoking in spite a strict ‘no’ from your doctor.

Electronic cigarette or vapor cigarette is now popular across the world. Even in places where there is no retailer or small store selling electronic cigarettes, people are enjoying healthy puff by smoking premium quality e cigarettes, since many popular electronic cigarette manufacturing companies sell their products through their ecommerce sites. To get a pack of top quality vapor cigarettes, you need not to look for it at stores in your locality. Just browse the ecommerce sites of leading electronic cigarette manufacturers, check out their ranges of products and packs and then place order according to your requirements.

There are lots of options in front of you since there are several brands of vapor cigarettes. Smokepass is one such brand which is earning rave reviews across the world for its superior quality e liquid or e-juice that provides the charm of smoking. Smokepass offers its vapor cigarettes in two types of packs. One is the pack of a single electronic cigarette and the other is a pack of electronic cigarettes with Refill cartridges of e liquid. If you are yet to taste the vapor of e liquid, then try with a Smokepass disposable pack of two cigarettes. Known as 500 Puffs, the disposable pack comes with a single cartridge of e liquid that gives you 500 puffs. It is equal to two packs of traditional cigarette and you can choose from two e-juice of two flavors-tobacco and menthol. The Refill Cartridge packs comes in four different varieties-pack of 5 cartridges, pack of 20 cartridges, pack of 40 cartridges and pack of 80 cartridges.

Switching over to electronic cigarette from traditional cigarette is beneficial, not only from the aspect of health but also from the aspect of expense. By purchasing an Electronic cigarette starter kit you get a rechargeable battery, a wall recharger adaptor and a pack of cartridges. The pack of cartridges last quite long and the battery last throughout the day, once it is charged. So you need not to spend money frequently for buying cigarettes or a match box or refilling your lighter. You need not to carry them either. Just get the battery recharged before getting out of home and enjoy a puff anywhere. Like all vapor cigarette manufacturers, Smoke offers starter kit packs and there are two varieties that you can choose from-one is the Starter Kit Deluxe Pack and the other is Starter Kit Mini Pack.

Protect your health and save your money by switching over to Vapor cigarette from traditional tobacco cigarette. Opt for Smokepass, a brand of premium quality Electric cigarette available at reasonable prices.

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