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Symptoms And Causes of Hyperthyroidism

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When thyroid gland produces excess thyroid hormone it causes hyperthyroidism. The symptoms are simple for which people ignore them easily. A person who is diagnosed with hyperthyroidism will feel at a depressive condition or a digestive problem before found himself with overactive thyroid gland.

The most common symptom is sudden weight loss. When without any reason you noticed that weight decreased, you need to concern to a doctor. Even this happens when your food consumption remains same or increased and folks complain that, not gain any weight even after eating more that before.

Rapid heartbeat is also one of the strong symptoms. Sometimes the beat reach to 100 per minute and patient feels heavy blows of the heart and heartbeat will irregular. A hyperthyroidism patient will experience anxiety, depression and loss of mental clarity . The patient will experience changes in bowel habits mainly diarrhea. Sometimes abdominal bloating also regarded as the symptom. If we’ll consider symptoms for women, changes in menstrual patterns are the biggest one. Even sometimes, indication in the sex hormones in men such as testosterone and estrogen levels gets influenced by this disorder. Sometimes, thyroid conditions influence hormonal conversions. Furthermore, the patient will face fatigue and weakness which is commonly reflects for hyperthyroidism.

If someone is feeling uncomfortable on the base of the neck while wearing ties and that part is appearing as a bump, you shouldn’t underestimate that because that can be a cause of hyperthyroidism. Apart from that, this disorder increases sensitivity to heat and dry thinning hair also regarded as the symptoms.

Sometimes, hyperthyroidism fails to be diagnosed. If the test will be in proper lab then it is ok otherwise lab test interpretation cause a huge hurdle. The word uses as “normal” stage where it should checked thoroughly that whether that blood test was in last year or not. Because doctor use functional ranges when working with their patient’s blood. If those doctors will effort properly, it can be resolved.

Another reason is that, person who has these symptoms; they are ignoring and get treatment for those particular diseases only. For example, patient who complains for depression, he will be care under psychotropic medication and no one has intention for this disorders. Sometimes, sufferer is fully responsible for these problems because he ignores these little symptoms as a result it leads to hyperthyroidism in future.

If we’ll talk about the cause for which this disorder occurs then find that Graves disease are the main reasons. Graves disease are the most popular and common reason for hyperthyroidism. It occurs when system hijacks brain’s pituitary gland. This gland is normally controlled by thyroid hormone. Thyrotrophic receptor antibody is linked to Graves’ disease. It can  override pituitary gland as a result that causes much production of thyroxin.

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