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Why Should You Use an Ad Server?

An ad server can simply be defined as a web server, which stores and delivers ads for online marketing purposes. However, it plays an important role behind all marketing campaigns by delivering ads to online visitors, not just randomly but in smart ways through multiple channels such as the Internet, mobile websites and mobile apps.

How To Find More Advertisers For Your Website

Any website that relies on advertising revenue needs to consistently expand and renew its database of ads. A website that is phenomenally popular and has high quality traffic in a given niche can attract many advertisers without even trying. But it is a challenge to get there. Here are a few pragmatic ways to find more advertisers for your website.

How to Increase an Ad Banner’s Conversion Rate

Ad banners can be a quite powerful tool for advertisers to reach out to potential customers if they are done properly and maintained the correct way. The primary purpose of the ads is to entice customers to click on them and continue to buy something or at least learn more about the products that are being advertised. These clicks and activities that are produced by each banner ad are measured by the back-end ad server. This data can tell you a great deal about the ad impact on visitors: if you have a successful banner ad or not.

What is An Advertising Agency? How to Choose a Good Advertising Agency?

Whether you own a large business or a smaller privately owned business advertising is a huge step in marketing your company and what you have to offer. Finding the right advertising agency can be stressful and can take a lot of time. However the most important things to keep in mind when you are looking for a good advertising agency is that you want someone that cares about your company, wants to put in the time to market your company, and someone that is cost effective and knows what they are doing.

How to Choose a Good Advertising Agency?

Whether you are interested in ad serving or public relations assistance, choosing the right advertising agency will be essential for the successful promotion of your company. Today, you have many possibilities. This makes the process of choosing even more difficult. What are the characteristics of the best advertising agencies?

When Should You Reduce Your Advertising Price and How?

Determining your ad rates is a tricky business. There are so many factors to consider and there are very few rules. At certain times, decreasing your online advertising price will seem like a good idea. When should you move forward with a price reduction?

What Is Self-service Advertising?

Finding advertisers to place ads on your website can be a full-time job all by itself. It can be costly to hire and maintain a dedicated ad sales team. This is why the self-service model can be very effective. It makes the whole process convenient for you and for your advertisers so that you do not have to micro-manage or search around for advertisers on your own. The advertisers can literally serve themselves once your self-service advertising program is set up properly.

Where to Find Advertisers for Your Site?

When it comes to making money online, one option is to display advertisements for complementary products and services on your website. This is great for all types of websites and blogs, whether you write for a living, have a photography hobby website or are a multi-national million-dollar company. The question is where do you start looking for advertisers? How do you make it clear that you have available advertising placements?

How can Online Advertising Help Your Business?

A decade ago it would have been impossible to predict the ways businesses use advertising today. Things changed rapidly and we now rely heavily on technology to promote our businesses. This is both a blessing and a curse. Internet is as ubiquitous as electricity and many business tasks are now performed on the Internet. Online advertising is used by nearly every company, from local farms to high-tech startups as a convenient and efficient way to reach more customers.

Ad Inventory Management

As with any publisher, your goal is to maximize ad revenue stemming from all of your ad spaces on your website. To get there, you need to optimize your ad inventory. It is hence essential to sell your ads for the best price possible and utilize all available ad impressions. This article will provide a basic understanding of ad inventory and techniques to determine and manage it more effectively.

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