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Who is American Energy Solutions?

AES is a company which is known for its ability to deliver some of the best energy solutions for it customers. They have projects throughout New York and New Jersey spreading straight across the United States and into Mexico, Caribbean, Central and South America, and back up into Canada. American Energy Solutions is known to work with the clients and to customize the solutions so that they can meet the customers' priorities.

Why MHT is a reputable company in energy saving products

MHT Lighting is a lead US manufacturer for energy efficient induction lighting. The company is known to use the highest quality. The company has the only manufacturing facility that has been certified by the ISO 9000/01 in USA. This means that every manufacturing procedure and quality control is performed before any product leaves the factory.

The benefits that you will get when you get the SP1000

If you want to begin to enjoy the electric bill savings for yourself or if you want to help others do so. Then you can begin to look for the latest of the MHT company products such as the SP1000 to begin to enjoy the electricity bill savings.

Where you can use the MHT lighting products

MHT Lighting is the company which is known for its Energy efficient products which are widely used in the government, municipalities, State agencies and small to large corporations throughout the US and overseas.

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