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Merging Social Media and Android-Endless Possibilities for Business

The success or failure in modern businesses is truly governed by various aspects of internet based technology. When we speak of internet-based technology aspects, the contribution of social media (SM) and android cannot be ignored in promotion of trade. ...more

Mobile Application Development: The Latest Buzz in the IT World

The mobile apps can be used as an appealing improvement to drive customers towards an already existing business product. ...more

Things About Android Applications That You Should Know

Undeniably, Android is the most powerful mobile operating system that comes with advance features and functionalities. Known for its high-performance, Android has changed the way people are doing their tasks. In this article, you can find some important things about android apps that you should know. ...more

Android Application Development- Stunning Success of Android Devices

Are you searching for professionals, who create master piece for your android device? Before choosing any app development service provider, it is recommended to read this article to know advantages of adopting android app development service. ...more

12 Powerful Titanium Mobile Applications for Developers

Titanium mobile app development has grown incredibly given the short span of time it has been around. Yet it is increasingly popular with developers as they choose to take advantage of pre-existing Titanium mobile apps to create even more engaging apps! Here are 12 powerful Titanium mobile applications for developers. ...more

Introduction of How Android Works for Java Programmers

Calling Java Programmers - Interested to know how Android works? A constant increase is noted in the number of people using their mobile devices to access the web. Most developers, with prior knowledge and experience in Java, are showing interest in developing Android apps. Read more how you can switch to Android. ...more

How to Perform Android Automated Testing

Android app testing is an essential part of the development process. Especially for Android OS, it is very important because the devices are very different from each other. They vary from each other in screen size and resolution, version, form factor, instruction set of the processor, front camera, NFC, external keyboard and so many other different factors. ...more

Android application development has totally detained the market

Android application development has totally detained the market with its attributes & technology, maximum of the public adores making use of this android technology in their Smart Phone. Since Android applications are open source content managing operating system, it don’t require the broad technical skills to operate, but it is essential to employ devoted android application programmers & developers staff for the efficient development to trim down expenditure and time as well. ...more

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