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Flourishing Demand Of Android Application Development And Developers

Android being an open source operating system makes a much sought after choice among the developers. This is so because developers won't need to invest their hard earned money as an authentication fee for contributing in Android development. In fact, the Android applications can also be promoted along with some third-party software development company.

Android is possessing over 70% of the total market shares, becomes the king

Features of Android Lollipop 5.0

Google adopted a completely different approach to roll out Android Lollipop 5.0. Instead of organizing a grand event to launch the version 5.0 of the mobile operating system, Google promoted its features through the Android website and a number of blogs. But many analysts recently predicted that the market share of Android Lollipop will rise in Q2 2015 with the mobile devices from majo


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App Design – The Experiences Of A Mobility Startup

It's been more than 24 months since we got on the smartphone app bandwagon, realizing that something exciting was happening with how information was getting consumed or processed via thin clients.

Best Android cloud apps for your data storage

With the increasing popularity of Android-operated smartphones and tablets, it has become imperative to have cloud storage facilities. The internal storage capacity of mobile devices is quite limited due to their sizes; accordingly the importance of cloud storage services is being felt by most people.

Merging Social Media and Android-Endless Possibilities for Business

The success or failure in modern businesses is truly governed by various aspects of internet based technology. When we speak of internet-based technology aspects, the contribution of social media (SM) and android cannot be ignored in promotion of trade.

Mobile Application Development: The Latest Buzz in the IT World

The mobile apps can be used as an appealing improvement to drive customers towards an already existing business product.

Things About Android Applications That You Should Know

Undeniably, Android is the most powerful mobile operating system that comes with advance features and functionalities. Known for its high-performance, Android has changed the way people are doing their tasks. In this article, you can find some important things about android apps that you should know.

Android Application Development- Stunning Success of Android Devices

Are you searching for professionals, who create master piece for your android device? Before choosing any app development service provider, it is recommended to read this article to know advantages of adopting android app development service.

12 Powerful Titanium Mobile Applications for Developers

Titanium mobile app development has grown incredibly given the short span of time it has been around. Yet it is increasingly popular with developers as they choose to take advantage of pre-existing Titanium mobile apps to create even more engaging apps! Here are 12 powerful Titanium mobile applications for developers.

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