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Periodontist Discusses Study Reports On Tumor Fighting Therapies That Have Adverse Side Effects

While The Chemotherapy Drugs Are Effective In Reducing Tumors, They Can Also Enable Cancer Cells To More Easily Metastasize In Bone Marrow

Health Complications Caused by Dental Problems

Many individuals are taught about the importance of oral health as they grow up, but very few realize just how essential it is to maintain the state of one’s teeth and gums.

Study Finds Why Gum Disease Tends To Be More Common With Old Age, Beverly Hills Periodontist Comments

Researchers Discover A Specific Protein Responsible For Inhibiting Gum Disease Decreases With Age

Search for a Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist to get that Celebrity Smile

Want to get that celebrity smile you've always dreamed of? Pick a Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist for your smile makeover. They have got the expertise to make your teeth perfect, and they will give you star treatment each visit.

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