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Learn the ways to reduce cholesterol

Along with taking cholesterol control medications, people also need to resort to learning the ways to reduce cholesterol control. Going through the natural mode to reduce cholesterol shall help the patients reduce it effectively.

Erectile Dysfunction May Result Into Blood Vessels Clogged

When a man has trouble getting or keeping an erection he is suffering from Erectile dysfunction (ED). The problem of Erectile dysfunction (ED) is very common as you get older, but sexual dysfunction in male is not a part of aging.

Normal Eye Pressure Ranges From 10-21 mmHg

When the pressure inside the eye is higher than normal it refers to ocular hypertension. Normal eye pressure ranges from 10-21 mm Hg but when the person suffer from Ocular hypertension than the eye pressure is greater than 21 mm Hg.

Termination of Pregnancy Before Birth

Termination of pregnancy before birth is termed as Abortion. There are many reason people adopt this path. Mifeprex is a prescription medicine used by women as a contraceptive. In women it is used to induce abortion and as a contraceptive.

Lipoproteins Make Energy for the Body

High level lipid can be dangerous to your health. Blood containing fats in it is called as lipid. Protein joins with lipids in your blood to form lipoproteins. lipoproteins is very important for the cells in the body as they make energy for the body. the other name of lipoproteins is cholesterol.

Proximal intestine maintain acid level in the body

Our stomach is one of the main important organ of our body. Whatever we eat, our stomach break it in usable minerals and vitamins. It is the stomach only where the process of starts off. Our stomach excrete an acid that is very essential in the process of digestion.

Bone Disorder that Affects the Normal Remodeling Process of Bone

Osteoporosis is a disease that cause weak and fragile bones by low bone mass and loss of bone tissue. The person suffering from this problem have an increased risk for fractured bones (broken bones) mainly in hip, spine and wrist.

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