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Divert Calls Anytime and Anywhere with Call Forwarding

Wouldn't it be convenient if you could still accommodate urgent client calls even when you're not physically present in your workplace? Thanks to call forwarding, you can do just that! ...more

Seven Tips for Buying Wireless Routers

Offering telecommunication consulting, business telecom solutions and telecommunication equipmentthroughout South Africa. Sales office located in Cape Town. ...more

All That You Need To Understand About Virtual Office, Answering Services

Financial companies have long since had to record all phone calls with landlines, but new regulations from the Financial Services Authority (FSA) could see call recording used for mobile phone calls - and then stored for six months. ...more

FSA remove Exemption for Mobile Call Recording

In March 2008 the FSA (Financial Services Authority) published rules on the recording of voice communications and electronic communications. These rules required firs to record relevant conversations and store them for six months; at that stage this did not include mobile phone conversations. ...more

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