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Different Types of Martial Arts for Different Purposes

Martial arts traditional combat techniques. There are lots of goals related to martial arts. Among them, competition, sports, self defense, etc. are important. Developing the physical, mental, and spiritual condition is also a goal of martial arts.

Dos and Don’ts of Capoeira – Part 2

Watch and learn. Watching other people play and perform is the best way to becoming better. You can spot your own errors and see how you can better improve on your capoeira moves. Alright, we are back with part 2. The Do's in your first capoeira class.

Dos and Don’ts of Capoeira

So, you've finally decided to sign up for a capoeira class to learn how to capoeira. I don't blame you, it's a tough decision to make - deciding to take the plunge and invest some actual money in your passion. So, we decided, to give you the biggest bang for your buck, here's a guide of Do's and Dont's at your first capoeira class. Afterall, doing something embarassing might inherently destroy your entire capoeira experience - and we sure don't want that.

Capoeira – The Teaser

When we were making this video, we wanted to recreate the excitement and passion of this magnificent and enigmatic sport. A picture speaks a thousand words, but a moving image, brings to life these words. These words upon leaving the lips, would bring to life an unimaginable passion and desire. We promise not to blow your mind, but to charismatically seduce you into this amazing sport. Capoeira.

Why you should learn Capoeira

Deep sea diving sounds much much more exciting than Capoeira. But, so does sharks. So why, should people, of all the sports in the world, choose to learn capoeira. More importantly, why should you?

When yoga meets Capoeira

The fast paced class that combines capoeira moves with yoga moves maybe challenging at first, but it is incredible fun and excitement. Not to say it is a great workout that will leave you sore but feeling incredible.

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