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Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill with Sprint

Together with Verizon and AT&T, Sprint is one of the leading carriers in the telecommunication market and offers select discounts through financial and corporate partnerships. As a customer of this cell phone provider, you can take advantage of online tools or customer service telephone representatives to save money on your monthly cell phone bill – a really big problem of any cell phone users. ...more

Shocking Review Of The Panasonic Toughpad Series

Panasonic have annouced the release of the JT-B1 and Toughpad FZ-G1. See what we thought of them exlusively here. ...more

Imagine life without a Mobile Phone.

Life without a Mobile-phone how did we survive without them? From a fashion statement, status symbol, luxury to a necessity, the journey of mobile phones has been one of great technological advancement. But do we, who take these "mobiles" for granted, ever think of the technology behind it? A mobile phone service is based on a simple idea. It is like a two-way radio, turned into a circuit switched telephone network, comparable in functionality to its landline counterpart. We had wireless sets before, used by security, police, organizers etc. but mobile phones were not only accessible easily, they were more personal. ...more

United kingdom Telecom might exit Technical Mahindra

The firm would utilise the quantity mainly to order both voice-and data-based networking equipment ...more

Huge rise in social media ‘crimes’

The number of alleged crimes involving Facebook and Twitter has increased nearly eight-fold in four years, according to police figures. ...more

Cell Phone Selection Guide

Cell (short for cellular) phones, also known as mobile phones or wireless phones, are small hand-held phones with built-in antennas. Unlike home phones, cell phones can be carried from place to place with ease. This makes them a good choice for people who want to be in touch with other people even when they are away from the house. ...more

Some personal thoughts about smartphones

Downside of mobile cellular devices which must overcome is input methods. Most mobile devices like smartphones or Tablet PC don't have a real keyboard just a vertual keyboard on the screen. ...more

Tips for discovering the best cell phone for presents

There are many different things which can be the perfect present. It always depends on the person itself which one fits. This is why you should think about the person carefully and maybe think back about some things the person mentioned. You should at least know what the person dislikes, so that you will not present something entirely wrong. ...more

Buying Android Cell Phones

Have you heard the expression, "There's an app for that"? These days, it is likely you have. ...more

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