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Diamonds, the true symbols of love

I can never forget the very first day I saw her; she wore her favourite guns and roses tees and her rugged worn out blue baggy jeans. As she walked towards me I so wanted to tell her that she was the reason I had been living for.

The Most Important Aspects Of Wedding Ring Selection

Looking for the best wedding rings is a task that has the potential to befuddle even the best jewellery shoppers out there.

Pick The Best Wedding Ring For Your Lover

With the big day coming ever near, the pre-wedding jitters might have started gripping you by now. The atmosphere is charged, with not just frantic energy but also emotions. Making a wedding successful is no small thing.

Engraved Wedding Bands – As Good As Romance Gets

Getting married in the most beautiful of ceremonies is a dream of every woman. Standing under that exquisite canopy of flowers, exchanging your heart felt wows and saying those I-do’s is something that seems to straight out from the movies. Now imagine this! When the moment arrives for you to exchange rings, you bring out one of the most elegant wedding rings imaginable.

Skull Rings – To Flaunt a Man’s Unique Style

"Men usually aren’t all that good sports are they when it comes to proper accessorizing and having a fashion sense. ‘Just put on the first thing that comes up in front of you’ is the motto that they live with and propagate. "

Cocktail Rings – Are They Really For You ?

"So it’s a normal day and you are just browsing through the market with your best friends, looking around and making the most of this shopping day. "

Cocktail Rings Back in Fashion Again

"There might be all kinds of rings in the market but absolutely none of them can scream out your style as loudly as cocktail rings can. "

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