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Rings and Their Settings

The look of rings, especially the engagement rings and wedding rings, can be marred if the stone is not set properly. There is a particular setting for every size and shape of precious stone to make it more dazzling and alluring to not only the wearer but also the onlooker and wedding invitees. A ring set in diamond or other precious stone is priced based on the size, number, and quality of the stone, metal used to set it in, amount of metal used, and the setting of the stone, which actually depends on the artistry of the jeweler and his artisans.

Are you considering pearl Jewelry to choose for a Wedding Party?

Considering bride is the star of the ceremony, the Bride should wear the biggest and prettiest pearls. Her pearls must express her individuality and personality also the wedding tone. She must also select the highest quality pearls possible; preferably those with a rating of AAA.

What is pearl stone? Is it so pricey?

In the end though, what actually matters is how the person feels about the particular piece of jewelry. If the pearls are to be enjoyed rather of an investment item, than none of the grading rules jewelers use actually matter.

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