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High School of Fashion Industries Sets Fund-raising Record

Barneys New York’s relationship with the High School ofFashion Industries dates back decades to Fred Pressman, who introduced the store’s ongoing summer youth program, which selected students from the school, located on 24th Street in Manhattan, for part-time jobs in Barneys. ...more

2014 Prediction – Year for Customer Service in Clothing Retail

Visit any retailer Facebook page (that permits customer feedback to be posted) and you will see the vast majority of posts are complaints. Why do you think that is? Retailers have been focused on price discounting, rather than what the customer wants or needs. Trouble is, the price is quickly forgotten when something goes wrong, so the lasting impact is all about the service. So what do you think is service? ...more

Victoria Beckham Fashion: Look Back to see What’s Ahead

What will be next for Victoria Beckham? A perusal of her website (Victoriabeckham.com) shows her current offerings in her Ready to Wear: Icon collection, the Victoria Victoria Beckham line, and the denim line. ...more

Fashion Week from New York to Austin

Knowing the personality of the city, no matter how much Austin Fashion Week improves, the people who support it are expected to keep the underlying uniqueness from Austin intact. ...more

Designer Fashions Show Versatility

Across her fashion lines, black and white is still popular although pops of color and a bit of print are sprinkled throughout. ...more

The DollsFigure Website and Its Action Figure Toys and Dolls

This similarity falls under their likening with dolls and action figures. From the moment that dolls and action figures were introduced, a lot of people have instantly been interested in collecting every piece that they can find and have. ...more

Best women clothing

online women ...more

Participate in No cost Professional skateboarding Games On-line

In which merely takes a matter of minutes however and you could be soon on your way enjoying the enjoyable. That they primarily offer you this kind of game titles to collect your reputation along with email address contact information anyway. ...more

Orthodic Flip flops Kinds That Use Nicely And Are Well-crafted

It absolutely was able to maintain it's functionality introducing capabilities including supple and adaptable side gore and also a polyurethane outsole delivering complete protection and assistance for that your bones as well as joint parts. ...more

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