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Real estate solutions for you

In the world today where real estate prices are sky rocketing and where there is so much competition between realtors to sell their properties, it has become difficult for customers to choose the right kind of realtor or estate agency to help them with their real estate endeavors. ...more

Housing Advice and Tips on Singapore Properties

Many consumers today come with a variety of likes and tastes in what they want to buy and choose. In order to satisfy this palette, it is very necessary that those who run the market make sure that all of these desires are met and fulfilled. The same is for real estate. ...more

Right time to buy and invest in Housing development Board flats

Singapore is the land of opportunity. It gives you the opportunity to buy and invest is beautiful pieces of property. ...more

Singapore realty market opens up with brand new real estate for sale

Looking for some prime and functional property abroad, why not look at what Singapore has to offer. The large real estate in Singapore promises facilities and urban spaces to live in. ...more

Owning a House or Property in Singapore

An erstwhile British colony,Singapore is made up of sixty-three islands. It is a growing commercial hub and has a highly developed economy. ...more

Different Types of Property Available in Singapore

A property that is capable of generating an income for the owner without any effort on his part is called a landed property or estate. ...more

Register with Property Guru for Finding Your Dream Home in Singapore

A real estate agent in Singapore works either independently or with an agency to find the right properties for his clients. Brokers and agents deal with both residential and commercial properties. ...more

Are You Buying an Asset or a Liability???

Investing in real estate has become a fashion. The sudden hike in the prices has attracted lots of buyers within no time. Whosoever had the spare funds was seen investing in land. ...more

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