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how to make a good bargin on online shopping

  • Posted November 18, 2012
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Once you make your purchase make a stop at a jeweler you trust to get an appraisal on the item. Your possibility of finding something worth a lot of money is usually not the case, but you can always disassemble the jewels and incorporate them into a funky new piece. ...more

What is pearl stone? Is it so pricey?

In the end though, what actually matters is how the person feels about the particular piece of jewelry. If the pearls are to be enjoyed rather of an investment item, than none of the grading rules jewelers use actually matter. ...more

Wholesale Costume Jewelry – Conquering The Jewelry World

Costume jewelry is a type of artificial jewelry that is made for every occasion, and if much more affordable than real jewelry. Most people want to buy real jewelry but in that too they want affordable rates. ...more

Wholesale Costume Jewelry: Best Replacement To Real Jewelry

There are many advantages of Fashion jewelry, wholesale stores, as compared to retail stores. The major types of wholesale stores are of 2 types. ...more