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International business trade is facing an unprecedented threat of frauds from organized crime, particularly, an intelligent, knowledgeable group of hackers and recent fraud with ONGC is one of the crime involving huge amount of Rs. 197 Cr. Such scams earlier known as Man-In-the-Email Scam now involves sophisticated modus operandi and targets businesses working with foreign suppliers that regularly perform wire transfer payments. Cyber Crimes have become lucrative with a high returns coupled with

Data Recovery and Cyber Security

Are you tired of being hacked?  The criminal hackers are out there, and they are planning for cyber attack. It may be a rival looking for methods to acquire business secrets, a foreign crime syndicate exploring financial and private records, or a hacking group determined on damaging your company. At some point, your company will be compromised. If that day is today, do you find yourself well prepared? SyburGard has conducted full real-world intrusion and

What Do You Need To Know About Penetration Testing

What is penetration testing?

Evaluation of Penetration Testing in Security and Safety

The penetration testing is valuable because of following reasons:

The Current State Of The Penetration Testing Market

The shortage at the very top end of the scale is somewhat due to penetration testers at the lower end moving out of penetration testing

Using intrusion detection system to combat unauthorized actions

Attacks on the information systems and networks can ruin them. The availability of assessment tools over the internet has made it easier for people to exploit information security. Hackers can easily scan, monitor, identify and interfere in the systems.

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