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Sedation Dentistry- Revolutionizing The Dental World

Dr Khoury, the right periodontist Yardley can help patients detect, diagnose, and treat gum disease as well as place single and full mouth implants. ...more

Bone Deterioration Prevented with Dental Implants

The loss of natural teeth presents problems in both the appearance and function of the smile. The facial structure is affected with the loss of natural teeth and the tooth roots for each missing tooth, as a result of bone deterioration. As the jawbone deteriorates, it becomes thinner and loses its once healthy structure, negatively affecting both the form and function of the smile. ...more

Receive Appropriate Treatment At Dental Implant Center

If you are suffering any dental condition that cannot be treated by a regular dentist, then you may get a referral to a dental expert or periodontal expert. Such an expert works at the dental implant center where they provide certain important services. ...more

Importance of Regular Hygiene Appointments

Good oral hygiene is essential in maintaining a beautiful smile, and is important in ensuring that oral health is maintained to avoid dental problems from developing. Personal oral hygiene includes regular tooth brushing after meals, and using dental floss to remove food pieces that tooth brushing alone may not reach and remove. ...more

About The Indianapolis Dental Implants and Emergency Services

This article talks about a general view of the dental implants and how to maintain them as well. A dentist is a tooth surgeon and provides a long list of services. Among these, the most commonly used service is that of dental implants after the process of teeth whitening. ...more

The One Question Every Dental Patient Must Ask Their Dentist

As a dental patient, you may ask your dentist about dental procedures, what you should expect in terms of cost, discomfort, and ultimate results. However, you may forget to ask the one question that guarantees your safety and satisfaction: Which Cosmetic Dental Lab is Making My Crown? ...more

Demystifying Dental Implants Technology

Medical technology over the years has evolved greatly to the benefit of mankind. One of the fields of medicine that has benefited from these advances more than the rest is dentistry. ...more

Preventative Dentistry – The Best Way To Keep Your Teeth In Healthy Conditions

Teeth facilitate people with eating or grinding the morsels of food into fine particles, to ensure their easy digestion. Also, they add to the beauty of a face. ...more

Custom-Made Smiles with Dental Veneers

Smile imperfections can effectively be addressed with the help of dental veneers. Dental veneers are custom-made porcelain shells that are placed on the front part of the affected tooth, to cover the damaged part so that the smile can look healthy and attractive. A veneers treatment is completed without the need for invasive techniques, in a shorter time frame compared to other cosmetic dentistry treatments. ...more

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Dental clinics provide dental care for the whole family, from pediatric dentistry to general dental services. ...more

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