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Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.3 arrived in the Americas with many surprises.and the changes brought by this patch were also listed. ...more

new diablo 3 products for the Live Diablo3 Patch 2.0.3

Blizzard has a plan to hold a shindig on Twitch on March 24, 2014.The live Diablo3 Q&A on Twitch is under below. ...more

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It’s been a long time that no new game content is released in Diablo 3, so the vast majority of players may choose to enjoy multiplayer game in patch 1.0.8 with friends ...more

Expansion for both Diablo 3 and World Warcraft could be announced 2014

Big news! Recently, blizzard entertainment has reportedly trademarked “the dark below”, and identified that trademark as “computer game software” and “downloadable electronic game”. ...more

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Based on the recently released patch 1.0.8 patch notes, we realize that the Demon Hunter skills of Rapid fire and runes have greatly enhanced, as well as the infinite Rapid Fire is actually easy for DH now to get rid of the bosses! ...more

Do you think Demon Hunter is the most interesting profession in Diablo 3?

Do you think Demon Hunter is the most interesting profession in Diablo 3? If so, you may get interested in our sharing of Demon Hunter skill build guide here. Get a view of this share and gain diablo 3 gold fast delivery on cheapdiablo to have fun in Diablo 3 world! Demon Hunter Skill Build ...more

Here come to our favorite part to share new and interesting skill build for diablo 3!

In Diablo 3, each profession gets its distinct sets and equipments for its unique skills, and so is Wizard! For wizard, magic power is its most distinctive feature, and Arcane power is undoubtedly the most valuable power for Wizard ...more

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While you are expecting Diablo 3 arrived at PS3 and Xbox on September 3, Diablo 3 arrive to PlayStation 4 in 2014 ...more

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We understand gold is often a necessity for those MMO players who would like to become a smoother in game! Not to mention, if you love to play Diablo 3 ...more

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In Blizzard’s Tuesday's maintenance, a hotfix is applied to south america and European gameplay regions, increasing the maximum stack of diablo gold for the real-money auction house from tens of millions of to 50 million! The buying price of diablo 3 gold will drop, if you would like store game gold, it is a best time! ...more

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