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The Wonders of Platinum

Just like the Kalpavriksha is the all wish-fulfilling tree, the divine answer to most needs so is platinum in the world of metals. Being ten-fold rarer than gold and even more useful in its utility to humanity, this precious metal is widely used in medicine, automotive industries and jewellery. ...more

What makes an engagement ring the best one!

when you are planning to buy your engagement rings, do seek the advice of the designers but the final decision lies with you. As each individual is different from one another in the same way the definition of best engagement rings also varies. ...more

Jewelry design – an age old concept!

The role and importance played by jewelry design can hardly be ignored or over looked; it is these designs that make the jewelry items so special and unique. ...more

How to Buy Unique Diamond Jewellery For Her?

If you want to buy diamond jewellery online, there are many options available. You should have a look at the various design options and buy the best one which enhances her personality. ...more

Tips Purchasing Customs Jewelry

Buying custom or handmade jewelry is not an intuitive task. There’s a right way to go about it that you must master so that you always choose what is right for you. In this article, we look at some tips for working with a jewelry designer to create a beautiful, befitting custom piece of jewelry, regardless of the item. ...more

The history of engagements rings!

In order to realize the importance and significance of engagements rings it is very essential to know their history over the years. ...more

Diamond Rings – Bringing Together Relationships, Love, People

Relationships form an integral part of one’s life. The human need for companionship is certainly vital to one’s well being especially when it comes to relationships between men and women. ...more

The Different varieties of Diamond Ring

Diamond rings will be popularly categorized as engagement, wedding, prototypal solitaires, friendship, day of remembrance, eternity and cocktail rings. Rings underneath every of the on top of classes have their own significance, that means and purpose. Allow us to see each and every sort very well within the following paragraphs. ...more

Where to Find the Best Diamond Engagement Rings

Finding the perfect engagement rings requires a lot of care and considerations, if you are to convey your desired message of love. There are many unique rings style and designs in the market that sometimes you may need assistance from experts. ...more

The Significance of Engagement Rings

The practice of proposing with a ring started since time immemorial. The common belief about it is that the round shape of a ring and the way it conforms with the body represents the cycle of life and for betrothal, it means commitment and eternal love. ...more

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