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Get set for Vintage Festival

I was given a sneak preview of some of the delights that the two-day event has to offer during a 60s make-over session with organisers The DollsHouse Creative Consultancy.

Prove Shay Mitchell’s Fashion Sense Is Totally Underrated

  • Posted July 15, 2014
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Every Wednesday morning, we do a tongue-in-cheek recap of the latest fashions in the Pretty Little Liars universe, and between Troian Bellisario‘s patriotic sweaters and Lucy Hale‘s witchy ensembles, the sensibly-dressed Shay Mitchell tends to get overshadowed.

Giambattistia Valli’s guide to Italian style

For me , Italian fashion is romantic. More than romance, it's like being in love. Italian women dress from the soul.

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Wear Shorts To Work

Short suits for womendominated the runwayat New York Fashion Week last September. Since then, J. Crew, Topman, Asos, and Barneys have introduced the world to the men’s version of this trend.

‘Alien Cartoon’ takes fashion to the stars

The aliens have landed -- and they look rather fabulous.

What Does All the Solange Controversy Mean for the Met Gala

Before anyone could care about Anna Wintour’s Charles James: Beyond Fashion exhibit, Cara Delevingne shared an Instagram video of a drunken Zooey Deschanel and Reese Witherspoon slurring their speech while pronouncing the top model’s last name

Custom Tailored Dress Shirt Features

At Hansen’s Clothing, we feel that an individually tailored dress shirt makes the man. It’s more than just a shirt to us, it’s an experience. The feel of the material is exceptional, along with the fact that these shirts are made individually for each man’s exact measurements. To experience a shirt made just for you is truly amazing.

Mother Happy With The Wedding

Leaves, today is Wenwen 24th birthday , his mother an early happy birthday to her to ask ! She told you gift, mothers are ready for you , and chose to her !

The way to dress for accomplishment

The secret of dressing for accomplishment is all about fitting it. In the event you do manual function and everyone is wearing jeans, coming to perform within a corporate suit is not going to score you any points. By the identical token, those that work in the corporate sector would do effectively to open their eyes and make mental notes of what their colleagues are wearing. If the majority is wearing a company suit, then keep away from casual clothes.

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