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How to transfer converted DVD movies to iPad and iPhone

This article will show you how to convert DVD to iPad, and how to transfer converted DVD movies to iPad and iPhone.

A discussion on IPAD

This text is basically discussed about the advantage and disadvantage of ipad. It will provide more detail in the content.

How to convert and transfer DVD to iPad

I own an iPad, and often enjoy movies on it. But one day I met a problem. My iPad can’t play DVD movie I download. I tried many times to solve it, but failed.

The most powerful iPad Converter Suite to convert DVD or video to iPad

I want to convert DVD movie and general video files to iPad just with one converter. Do you think it is possible?

Talk about the Rumors of iPad 3

I believe you are all looking forward to the arrival of iPad 3, people look forward to a better screen, faster processor, more powerful battery life, etc., the rumors become more and more. The following is a summary about all the rumors about iPad 3, true or false you identify by yourself.

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