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Matters needing attention for storing magnesium sulfate heptahydrate

Hebei Meishen chemical technology Group Co.,ltd specialized in the production of magnesium sulfate heptahydrate, having passed a variety of qualified certifications. ...more

Silicon steel grade magnesium oxide

As one of the largest manufacturers of silicon steel grade magnesium oxide, Hebei Meishen chemical technology Group Co.,ltd uses “customers first, employees second and shareholders third“ as the principles of dealing with interest relationship. ...more

Present situation and the reform pattern of magnesium oxide market

China's magnesium oxide market should change its development pattern as early as possible , learn the road of economic development and circular economy like Hebei Meishen Chemical Technology Group . ...more

What should be payed attention about magnesium oxide in the transportation

Magnesium oxide in the transportation, in order to prevent the magnesium oxide leakage and dispersion, need to ensure that the container does not leak, collapse, falling and don't have any damage. The second,must not to mix magnesium oxide with oxidant in packing and shipping. Magnesium oxide can not insolate and moisture, need to prevent heat temperature in transportation.In addition,wrapping magnesium oxide complete before transportation and loading to steady are also worthy of note. ...more

Meishen Chemical Group constantly promotes the development of magnesium oxide market

The meeting pointed out that magnesium oxide market is so wide,and domestic market is far from saturated,so the enterprises need to further accelerate the development of new products.This promoted the development of magnesium oxide market. ...more

The characteristics of the magnesium oxide for food

There is a kind of raw materials called magnesium oxide for food,it can be used as decoloring agent in sugar refining, ice cream powder, PH regulator, etc.Many of those contain magnesium oxide,like bread, chocolate we eat in daily time. ...more

Magnesium oxide exhibitions provide opportunities for development of Hebei Meishen chemical Group

Magnesium oxide exhibitions show the latest products and the most popular topic, represents the development direction of the industry, so it is the best platform and opportunity to build brand. ...more

The price of domestic magnesium oxide

Through the different production and consumption of magnesium oxide at home and abroad, add the actual situation of Hebei Meishen Chemical Technology Group,the problems of equipment utilization in industrialization process, the problems of products bringing together when magnifying benefits,the problems of process water,the transport problems of bittern and so on,these are the important factors that influence the price of magnesium oxide. ...more

on course: Animal Welfare and also imports to Indonesia

A visit from the Indonesian transport leader a move in the right direction ...more

on course: Animal Welfare and also imports to Indonesia

A visit from the Indonesian transport leader a move in the right direction ...more

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