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Sunscreen label decoding: UVA, UVB and SPF’s

According to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, many Britons are confused by sun creams and their labelling, with a quarter of us admitting that we don’t know what the protection rating listed on the front of a sun cream bottle stands for. And we’re not surprised – those acronyms, figures and colours stamped on a sun cream label are bewildering, and who has the time to decode them all on the mad dash before a summer holiday anyway? What is UVB, do we need to worry about UVA, and what abo

Explore the best range of fashion accessories and jewelry online

The history of wearing jewelry goes far back to the very first civilization of human, ever since humans have gained consciousness, they have tried different ways to look presentable and pleasant. In earlier times, jewelry was used to define a person's status in the society. Over the time the popularity of wearing jewelry and fashion accessories has boosted and  now with the globalization it has increased more than ever. Fashion accessories and jewelry, like earlier, still represents the status

The Problem With Being Nice At Work

Maybe it’s the nursery rhyme that trips us up; I’ve been repeating it in my head ever since I started thinking about this story. “Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of.” In a recent survey by the accounting firm KPMG, 86% of women said that, as children, they were taught the importance of being "nice" — far fewer said they were encouraged to share their opinions. Somehow, that lesson stuck with us. It influences all areas of our lives — especi

International fashion & style-Alexander McQueen

Whether this collection is to my liking is totally beside the point. What Sarah Burton demonstrates so skillfully here is that so called trends, inspirations and signatures can be effectively put to use without looking like a freak show or the 4th ring of a 3 ring circus. Obvio

Màu sắc thời trang cho bạn nữ chốn công sở

Mix quần áo hằng ngày đến công sở, chừng như 1 điều dễ dàng ấy vậy mà nó lại khiến rất nhiều bạn nữ nhiều lúc “bối rối” vì phải luôn nghĩ suy hôm nay cần phải khoác lên mình đồ đạc như thế nào để mà https://www.sendo.vn/thoi-trang-nu/ và nhã nhặn. Ph

Easy Tips To Help You Get Better With Fashion: by Ebony Babes

The world will notice when you're dressed your best. This can help your social life and your self-esteem. Dressing fashionably can lead to better experiences. If you want a bunch of great fashion tips, you won't have to go far. Check out the literatu

Boost Your Style With These Fashion Tips: by Ebony Models

Colors that are dark camouflage your body size and de-emphasize unsightly bulges. Your skirt needs a stretchy, elastic waistband so that it can be more comfortable to wear. Haircare products which offer moisturizer are the best to use on hair which

That 70′s Revival – Fashion Trends

The comforting thing about fashion is that it often repeats itself. As much as we enjoy the innovation of forward thinking designers, it is always a pleasure to see the return of certain beloved fashion trends. (However, some should be left in the past. Stay away 1980s shoulder pads.) For 2015, fashion lovers can expect to see a revival of the 70’s within women’s fashion.

Top 10 Women’s Fashion Tips For Autumn

The summertime is nearly listed here and you are prepared to present off with the trendiest outfits. You can readily stick to the latest developments in women's fashion for the summer season of 2014 and add your very own inventive twist. Get started

Fashion Tips You Don’t Want To Miss: by Ebony models London

You can have a simple elastic or a glitzy rhinestone barrette. No matter the length of your hair, be sure to include some hair accessories in your wardrobe for every occasion. For example, wear a ponytail holder with an athletic outfit to appear spif

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