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This Season Wear the Most Dramatic Drapery – Saree

Indian ethnic wears always make a woman more stunning and attractive than any other draperies. Although, most of the time the exquisiteness of an outfit is dependent on its shape, shade and material but we can’t deny the functionality of its wearing style as well. While the attractiveness of salwar suits, Lehengas, Kurtis and other ethnic draperies is relied on the fitting quality on the wearer, charm of a saree basically bases on its draping style. Saree can be draped in several ways, like

Lace slippers, silk slips and late-night lingerie

Lace slippers, silk slips and late-night lingerie: fashion embraces hotel-room hotness Every fashion week has a defining pair of shoes. Be honest: the one catwalk item you actually remember from the previous season is the Gucci fur-lined loafers, right? And that’s fine, because that one pair of shoes told you everything you needed to know about where fashion was at – geeky but luxurious, challenging but not uncomfortable. This Paris fashion week’s shoe-shaped soundbite came on Friday

Changing Shopping Tend with ecommerce!

There was still life before the burst of the dot com bubble or the advent of the e-commerce. Just that life was way more different as it is now. For example, in the fashion industry, what did people do when the facility of online shopping was not there? People still wore clothes, right? Just that they went to the retail outlets to get the clothes and apparels they wanted to buy. But, these retail outlets basically had a small collection of fashion wears and the choice of the people were limited

Bruins can exude both professionalism

Bruins can exude both professionalism, style with internship outfits Autumn has finally arrived, meaning students can leave their summer clothes behind and finally embrace the so-called chilly autumn days of Los Angeles. For students beginning internships this fall quarter, however, deciding what to wear can be tough as they try to balance professionalism with a sense of style. Chris Howell, the UCLA Career Center’s employer relations manager, said students shouldn’t hesitate to be

Early weddings, fashions and wedding photography in Malta

In Malta the institution of marriage now identifies with few things more indispensible than white weddings, pretentious (aka as sumptuous) reception halls, high music in church and pop music at the venue, lists of hundreds of guests invited, exotic food stands, flowing champagne – or is it prosecco? And photographers. Today it would be utterly inconceivable to have a wedding uninfected by photographers – this is the social event in which the cameraman is considered almost as essential a f

Local fashion events did not disappoint

As I sit at my kitchen table quietly drinking coffee and working on this column in the wee hours of the morning before I head to work, I am abruptly reminded summer is over, and it is in fact fall. What reminder, you ask? Is it the gentle yet constant ping of acorns falling from my oak tree and staining my driveway? Is it the slight curl my hair will now hold for more than two minutes when I step outside? No, it is the fact that my husband, who is usually still in bed when I leave for work, j

An Intel Curie-powered smart sports bra

An Intel Curie-powered smart sports bra and more wearable tech at NYFW We know smart clothing is perfectly placed to monitor our bodies as we work out but what can it do with all that data? Sending it to your smartphone or computer isn't the only answer. This smart Aeros sports bra from Chromat is one example of wearable tech infiltrating the twice-yearly annual fashion weeks, which have kicked off in New York. Chromat is a New York based brand founded in 2010 by Becca McCharen and its sma

trend batik masakini di solo

Appears types of baju batik trend with a variety of interesting models we now call modern batik models like wearing a very big change for the people of Indonesia. Abaya batik combination model is a model example of batik, which is currently a very unusual floating. The model consists of two cultures of the Middle East in Indonesia such as creating a clear feeling that makes many people become interested in buying it. Although there are many sellers of

toko baju batik pekalongan

dengan harga terjangkau. Untuk info dan pembelian model baju batik wanita 2015 bisa langsung kini seakan menjadi salah satu trend fashion busana yang cukup degemari oleh mereka para kaum pria di tanah air, kesan simpel namun elegan menjadi salah satu daya tarik tersendiri yang bisa membuat mereka semua melirik model batik yang satu ini.hal ini karena ada batik prasetyo lah yang senantiasa  menyediakan hamp

Benefits of a Gold Mens Watch

Sometimes it can be hard to find a great gold mens watch.  There are several aspects to weigh in on and to look out for.  All of the proper information is not always out there. One question that is often asked is: which gold mens watch to get?  Then after answering that question you may ask what are the benefits of a gold mens watch? It Looks Amazing While an everyday gold mens watch can take a number of different forms,

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