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Freshwater Pearl Earrings For All Seasons

Pearls mean different things for different people. For some Pearls signify purity, for others they mean sophistication, for yet others these delicate gems symbolise romance and sensuality. ...more

Pearl Rings: Personifying Beauty

Women have always been fascinated by Jewellery, Rings in particular. It has always been a mark of tradition that rings have been exchanged between couples as a token of love. Even now, most women expect to be proposed with a ring. ...more

Look Stunning With Pearl Earrings

Pearls, also referred to as ‘dew drops of the moon’ by the Greek, have captivated the imagination of humans, right from the ancient times. Pearls are naturally occurring hard objects, resembling shiny pebbles, ...more

Uses of Horns, Bones and Shells

Horns, Bones and Shells hold great significance in today’s scenario. They are used in making of different Buttons, accessories, plates etc. ...more

Care For Fresh Water Pearl Jewellery

No doubt, you love your Fresh Water Pearl Jewellery collection and would never want it to get damaged or lose its sheen. ...more

Buying The Pearl Jewellery For The One Whom You Love

Jewellery has always been a fascination to women no matter which age they reach or what background they belong to. You can please any of the special women in your life by gifting a beautiful set of Pearl Earrings, Pearl Bracelet or a Pearl Pendant. ...more

How To Buy A Freshwater Pearl Necklace

The elegance and grace that is lent to the appearance of a woman just by wearing a string of pearls is simply amazing. The beauty of the precious pearls, extracted from the deepest of waters, is simply astonishing. ...more

Gemstone Earrings – Our Guide To The Different Styles of Earrings

Presently, there is a trend of sporting designer jewellery studded with precious and semi-precious gemstones that is doing the rounds. The reason behind the popularity of designer jewellery can be attributed to the stunning designs, alluring hues & awesome patterns that are available today. ...more

Are you considering pearl Jewelry to choose for a Wedding Party?

Considering bride is the star of the ceremony, the Bride should wear the biggest and prettiest pearls. Her pearls must express her individuality and personality also the wedding tone. She must also select the highest quality pearls possible; preferably those with a rating of AAA. ...more