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How can PHP be of Help to Educational Institutions?

A constant increase is noted in the number of students opting for online education. In addition to allowing students to learn at their own pace and convenience, the online courses require educational institutions to adopt a personalized and student-centered teaching approach. ...more

The top 5 widely used PHP frameworks and their features

These days, all businesses are going the online way which makes it essential for them to optimize the performance, aesthetics as well as scalability of websites. To complete such projects rapidly and that too without compromising an inch on the application quality ...more

Is PHP a better choice for larger & complex projects?

Over the last few years, PHP has turned out to be one of the most popular scripting languages and its popularity seems to increase all the time. The principle reason behind its popularity is the fact the language is extremely easy to be picked up and can be used to design as well as develop customized web pages. ...more

Best Frameworks in PHP for ERP Applications

The complex nature of business processes has made it a daunting challenge for developers to build robust ERP application rapidly. With more and more enterprises outsourcing business processes, the ERP application needs to consider the requirements of several distributed teams. ...more

Top 3 PHP frameworks to develop applications

PHP frameworks are highly effective tools so far as clean and structured web development is concerned. These help in speeding up the creation as well as maintenance of your PHP web applications. ...more

Your PHP Framework Choice doesn’t Matter

An enterprise has options to choose from several open source and proprietary PHP frameworks according to the nature and needs of the project. Each framework also makes it easier for programmers to build robust applications by using a set of tools that are powerful yet easy-to-use. ...more

The 5 Most Relevant PHP Frameworks in 2013

Why are there so many PHP frameworks? The needs of different sets of people are different. Based on their needs, they have created custom libraries and contributed it to the community. As the needs grow and the community contributes more to the libraries, they swell. These pre-set libraries serving specific needs are frameworks. Let us take a look at the 5 Most Relevant PHP Frameworks in 2013. ...more

Why is PHP web development getting valuable?

PHP is indeed the most frequently visited technology in the web for web apps development. It rules the other scripting languages for website development, a leader in the web world. As technology is seeping to every area of our lives the need for recognition for every business is getting important, people are aware that internet can reach out to the large audience from all around the world. ...more

Top Benefits of PHP Agavi Framework

Today PHP frameworks play a major role in designing customized web applications by enhancing the general format of PHP coding for the development of web applications. The latest important news revolving around PHP forums is that it’s expanding the PHP frameworks, to cater the needs of web-based applications and their development gets easier. ...more

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