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Few PHP Tools for Developers to Build Featured Website

Undoubtedly, PHP is one of the most popular programming languages that the developers use to build websites as well as web applications. These solutions are both innovative and effective. ...more

Some New Features in PHP 5.4 that Needs To Be Listed

The new version, 5.4 of PHP has finally arrived, and it comes up with a string of new features that is extremely important for the developers to know or need to have a grip on. While there are features that have already been there in PHP. ...more

PHP and Its Evolution over the Years

As a dynamic programming language, PHP can be used for both general programming and server-side scripting context. But PHP was originally not written by Rasmus Lerdorf as a new programming language. ...more

Symfony – A Weapon for PHP Developers

As a server-side scripting language, PHP is used widely by developers for creating a wide variety of websites and web applications. Some programmers prefer mixing PHP code with HTML code, whereas others combine PHP code with different web development frameworks and templating engines. ...more

The Pros and Cons of Zend PHP Certification

Zend PHP Certification is done in two phases – Zend PHP Phase I and Phase II. The phase I of the certification course is basically the foundation course that is designed for providing a sound idea of PHP language to the non-technical or non-programming individuals. ...more

Laravel taking the PHP community by storm – Few reasons

Laravel is the new PHP framework on the block that is hailed as ‘frameworks for the artisans.’ It has emerged as a fresh gust of wind for the developers who want to enjoy their creative work. It is a classy and clean framework that liberates the PHP developers from the complex spaghetti codes. ...more

Enterprise Level Web Development – Why PHP6 for It?

As a hugely popular server side scripting language, PHP needs no introduction. Along with being fast, scalable, flexible, open source and easy to learn, PHP also supports both procedural and object oriented programming. ...more

PHP 5.6.0 – Changes in this PHP version

Frankly speaking, it almost certainly goes without much of saying, that in order to make a particular business website interactive, compelling, safe, and secure, PHP is the best bet. This is one language that comes up with a string of specific characteristics. ...more

Why Are Customers Looking For Zend Certified PHP Engineers?

You will not find any dearth of PHP engineers in the job market. So you can pick up any one of them at random depending upon your requirement or budget. However, if you are to pick the right as well as the best one, this will hardly do any good to your cause. ...more

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