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Everything Concerning Historical Romance Throughout the Regency Time

Throughout the British Regency, the ruler, King George III became unwell in 1811, so the Prince of Wales was granted the superiority to rule in 1820; the prince afterwards became King George IV. This era in British history has been applied as a setting by many historical romance novelists.

The Magic Spell Casted on Followers by Historical Romance Fiction

If love doesn't make the world go round, it often makes folks get a book and experience the romance. Studies have reported that romance stories have a revenue of about $ 1 billion, propelling it to the number one spot of book genres. The Romance Writers of America pointed out that romance fiction had the greatest customer market share in 2010.

Romance through the Times: A Glance at Romantic Customs and Dating Ceremonies of the Past

Simply put, a historical romance is a story that is set in a pre-World War II era. The character’s lives should echo details related to the circumstances of that time.

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