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HP C7975A LTO5 A Premier Data Storage Tape with Reliable Features

Hewlett Packard is one of the most renewed and respectable name in data storage industries. Hewlett Packard is pioneer and leading developer of world most remarkable computing devices since its creation back in 1939.

HP LTO 5 Tapes Is The Best Amongst All Tapes In The Market

One of the biggest advantages of tape is its cost-effectiveness. Its a low-cost option for long-term storage, so it can help keep spending in check. LTO-5 tape solutions can trim costs even further, without compromising results. LTO-5 offers improved performance over previous generations and provides better transfer rates for the price.

HP LTO 5 C7975A Backup Tape Media is a Big Hitter in Storage-Intensive Business Enterprises

HP LTO5 tape is an excellent backup medium for data-intensive businesses, complex servers, enterprise class applications, midrange storage management, video/audio archiving, large financial databases and high end workstations.

HP LTO 5 C7975A Ultrium Backup Tape Solution is Perfect For Today’s Storage-Intensive Businesses

HP ultrium5 tape media technology delivers economical backup performance in enterprise workgroups, time-critical applications, high end workstations, medium-sized computing environments, data mining and popular servers.

Confidently Use The HP LTO 2 C7972A Tape With Ultrium 448 Tape Drive

HP LTO2 tape solution is ideally designed for complex data centers, midrange computing systems, servers, financial institutions, departmental backups and small organizations. Ultrium 448 is fully backward compatible (record/read) with its predecessor LTO ultrium1 tape.

LTO 5 Tape Media Format Elevates the Backup Efficiency With its Advantageous LTFS Technology

Media interoperability is the main selling point of LTO tape. LTFS and media partitioning make the LTO-5 tape flexible, convenient and portable just like a USB drive. Two partitions can be created on a single LTO5 tape.

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