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Awesomeness of Fiuggi town in Italy

Fiuggi can be found in Frosinone, 60km south of Rome in Italy. It consists of two separate towns, the first known as Fiuggi Citta or Anticoli Campagna and it’s the old medieval town situated in the hills at a height of 2500 feet and the second town called the Fiuggi Fonte, a modern 20th century town that offers recreational activities. ...more

Italy’s gem, Reggio Calabria

Reggio Calabria is situated in Italy under the Italian peninsula and touching the east coast of the Strait of Messina while sharing the unique views of the western slopes of the Aspromonte. Reggio Calabria is famous for years of history, the Fata Morgana myth, the Aragonian Castle and the artistic buildings and beautiful botanical gardens. ...more

Modena, a diamond in the Mediterranean

Modena, founded in the Emilia Romagna region, touching the toes of the south side of the Po Valley is famous for its ancient history and the famous persons that born and lived there. It is currently the capital of the major car brands Ferrari and Lamborghini and it’s famous for the production of balsamic vinegar. ...more

Travelling to the medieval Gubbio, in Italy

Gubbio is the oldest medieval hill town in Umbria, touching the borders of the Marche region and laying at the foot of Mountain Ingino. The city is famous for its artistic and intact through the centuries, historical heritage. ...more

Places to Explore in Italy

Italy is one of the most visited tourist destination in the world. The tourist can visit beaches, ruins, mountains, etc. Here are some places that you can explore through car hire service italy ...more

Sanctuaries of the Piedmont Part 1

In a tiny village known as Sordevolo located in the province of Biella of the region Piedmont, approximately 400 residents prepare to put on the 2015 version of the play, “ The Passion of the Christ”. ...more

Sanctuaries of the Piedmont Part 2

Mike and Ellen Walsh continue their account of a very memorable trip to the Piedmont region of Italy. ...more

SEO Content, let’s write it right

Let's learn with consulenza seo roma e provicina how to write good content. ...more

Italy to create Digital Investments

The Monti Government is working in Italy to bring to all citizens an available broadband. The protocol operations are growing rapidly across the country, giving a firm legal basis for future investments from the public in technology. ...more

Sightseeings to visit if you come in Rome for the first time

Rome is one of the most desired by all the tourists cities of in the world but it has too many places worth a visit. It's unpossible to see everything. What places are must to enjoy for those who comes there for the first time? Here are some of advises ...more

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