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Do you need a guide while in Khao San Hotel?

Besides the amazing dinning, facilities, special offers and promotions in the selected Khao San Road Hotel, there are other things you might enjoy as you stay in this city. ...more

Ask about your hotel prior to the visit

Having knowledge about any hotel is very important. Hotels especially those outside your residence should always have something you know about them so as not to be ambushed by certain occurrences. ...more

Hotels around Khao San Road

There are around 125 inexpensive hotels scattered throughout the area around Khao San Road. ...more

Khaosan Hotel -The Best Place To Spend Your Time

Khaosan hotel is the place to be for all people interested in exploring Thailand and the south east of Asia. ...more

Khaosan Palace, A Real Palace Fit fora King

The Khaosan Hotel is one of the most popular hotels the world over not only because of its 151 room capacity, but its wifi accessibility. ...more

Gain The Benefits Of Khao San Hotels

Everyone has a dream of touring another country. Having time to see both natural and artificial marvels the earth has to offer is one in a million moment. ...more

Best of Khaoasn Hotels

Khaoasn Hotels has a large chain of hotels and resorts Located in Thailands leading historical sites called Rattanakosin Island. Khaoasn hotels are among the top rated in the industry of hotel and hospitality. ...more

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